Long! Longer! Longest! Rainbow Grilled Cheese in Tokyo Japan!

Long! Longer! Longest! Rainbow Grilled Cheese in Tokyo Japan!

I saw rainbow grilled cheese once a couple years ago online and ever since I really wanted to try it. I completely forgotten about it but I was thrilled to find it while traveling in Japan.

Harajuku restaurant sign

Long! Longer! Longest! is located in Takeshita Street (竹下通り), one of the most popular areas in Shibuya. It’s a popular spot for all things odd, kawaii and Harajuku. You could spend an entire day here and still not see everything.

longest tornado potato

I was walking through Takeshita Street after eating at the Pompompurin Café when I spotted this shop. As soon as I approached the shop, I could see the employees in action. Their work station is open to the public so you can watch them prepare orders at all times. I wanted the rainbow rolled ice cream but that was sold out! Even the cotton candy looked neat. While I would’ve loved to have more than one item, I ordered the rainbow grilled cheese.

As I said above, you can find it in Takeshita Street (竹下通り) in Shibuya!
Address: Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 1 Chome−7−3 1F CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU

If I remember correctly, it was $750YEN = about $6.97USD

rainbow grilled cheese

There wasn’t much flavor to it. It was a regular white cheese, probably mozzarella or provolone, dyed into 5 colors.

Something interesting that I noticed was that the cheese was not a solid block. It was 5 separate colored blocks of cheese layered together. On top of that, I thought it would be pre-sliced as a solid 5 color slice but it was a giant layered block of cheese that they sliced a piece from when the grilled cheese was ordered. To be honest, I worried that paying that much for grilled cheese was too much but the slice of cheese that they cut was pretty thick.

What’s awesome about this place is the different sizes. The whole premise is how tall they can make the snacks they sell. Aside for the grilled cheese and the rolled ice cream, all their other items come in 3 different heights! Below is their menu with prices in Japanese, measured in centimeters.

long longer longest menu with prizes

Would I shop here again? Yes!

I’ll have to pass on the grilled cheese; while the aesthetic is mind-blowing and satisfying, I’m still sad I didn’t get to buy their tallest tornado potato, their tallest cotton candy, their tallest churro and their tallest ice cream cone! When I return to Japan, I’ll be sure to try all of these things!

FUN FACT: Another of their brands is the Totti Candy Factory! You wouldn’t want to miss shopping here like I did! I still dream of that rainbow cotton candy I didn’t buy! (oT.T)o

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