Fun Trip to the Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba, Japan!

Fun Trip to the Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba, Japan!

Naturally if you’re a Gundam fanatic, you wouldn’t want to miss one of the most epic part of being in Japan. Other than stocking up on endless Gunpla, you’ll probably want to go see the Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba!

Unicorn Gundam Statue standing in front of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

ADD: The Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue, Japan, 〒135-0064 Tokyo, Koto City, Aomi, 1 Chome−1−10 ダイバーシティ東京プラザ内 2Fフェスティバル広場 [Gmaps]

There are several ways to get there and depending on how you planned you trip, it may or may not take more time and money.

I took the train from Ueno Park to Odaiba (お台場)! Unfortunately to get to Odaiba (お台場), you have to switch trains; there’s no other way to get to the island. On top of that the trains to the island do not take the JR Pass; you have to use an IC card or get a ticket at the station. Yes, it’ll be a separate cost for this train. If I remember correctly, it was $490YEN = about $4.71USD round trip!

Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba map
Height of the Unicorn Gundam Statue

I honestly thought it was going to be much bigger. According to, the Gundam is 19.7 meters tall (about 64.6 feet). Maybe it’s because I’m used to the anime, but I pictured it much taller in my head.

Schedule for the gundam modes

The Gundam transformation schedule is the following: 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, & 5PM. It’s a good thing it’s in front of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza because you wouldn’t want to wait around for the different modes to snap your photos. I spent about an hour walking around and getting some snacks before going out and snapping photos of it in Unicorn Mode. When I first arrived, it was already in Destroy Mode!

Unicorn Gundam Statue unicorn mode

While I would’ve loved to see the Gundam switch, I didn’t want to sit in the sun. The place is also pretty crowded with other Gundam fanatics posing for photos. Make sure to snap some pictures from behind the Gundam. It’s jetpack lights up and it looks epic.

Unicorn Gundam Statue behind
Best time to see unicorn gundam statue

The lights are harder to see during the day, which is why it’s a good idea to go see the Gundam in the late afternoon, right before the sun sets. This way you can snap your photos when it’s bright out, spend a few hours at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and then snap your late night photos.

Unicorn Gundam Statue destroy mode

The colors really pop at night, particularly the green eyes. While it was hard to capture on my camera, the lights from the jet pack are really cool. They almost look like they’re powering up!

Unicorn Gundam Statue behind at night

Whether you’re into Gundam/Gunpla or not, it’s an awesome tourist attraction to stop by. You can find lots of other things to do in Odaiba (お台場) aside from DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, so planning a day trip here would be an excellent idea.

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