Delicious Cheese Karaage Fried Chicken in Meguro River!

Delicious Cheese Karaage Fried Chicken in Meguro River!

While walking next to Meguro River (目黒川) through the cherry blossoms, I found a street vendor selling Cheese Karaage Fried Chicken.

This place was incredibly crowded. With the cherry blossoms season half way over and all the food, it began feeling a lot like a festival.

cherry blossoms meguro river

As someone who doesn’t enjoy crowds too much, I tried to pass through this area as quickly as possible. However, I couldn’t ignore the amazing smell and the display coming from the cooks in the stalls. As I neared the end, I found a stall selling fried chicken. I had skipped breakfast, trying to make it to Meguro River before it got too crowded so I was very hungry right at that moment.

This is something Japanese call Karaage (から揚げ) Chicken which is basically deep fried chicken. When I bought this, I had no idea it got melted cheese on top. Naturally, as my first time trying it, I was reluctant. I’m also lactose intolerant.

This was probably the best chicken I’ve had in a very long time. In fact, after having this, I couldn’t imagine having fried chicken without melted cheese and expecting it to be just as delicious. Chicken and melted cheese is the best thing ever invented.

Cheese Karaage Fried Chicken

I don’t remember the price exactly but I vaguely remember it cost between $400YEN – $500YEN = about $3.71USD – $4.63USD


It’s hard to pinpoint the area but it was right by Sakurada-dori Ave.

ADD: Meguro River, Tokyo, Japan [Gmaps]

I actually started walking from Gotanda Station and walked down all the way to Meguro Station next to the Meguro River. Since Meguro River is covered in cherry blossoms, you can start by walking at either end.

cheese karaage fried chicken map
Would I buy this again?

I miss it! I would suggest, those who want to try something similar, buy some fried chicken strips and nacho cheese. It’s probably the closest version you can try without putting much effort into making it.

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