Cherry Blossom Ice Cream in Ueno Park!

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream in Ueno Park!

While watching the cherry blossoms in Ueno Park (上野公園) I found this little booth selling the cutest sakura (桜 or ; さくら) flavored ice cream!

For my first time eating sakura flavored ice cream in Japan, I had to try it! Besides the cute décor and all the blooming cherry blossoms at Ueno Park made it even more exciting to snap photos of my treat!

The server were very polite as well. I asked them if I could take a photo of their stand and they even posed for me which I thought it was real cute.

This cost $400YEN = about $3.60USD

I’ve tasted sakura flavored snacks before but this was my first time having sakura flavored ice cream. The taste is slightly salty with a floral hint. This ice cream was also very creamy.

I absolute love the cute décor on the ice cream cone. It’s a waffle in the shape of a bear hugging a cub. It’s kind of funny because of the way the waffle is made, it looks like the bear is crying! Just like T.T!

Would I buy this again?

I would definitely buy this again if I was in Japan again. The whole experience was very aesthetically pleasing and with the hot weather, this treat was a perfect way to cool down.

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