Decora Creamery Aesthetic: Colorful Ice Cream & Cotton Candy!

Decora Creamery Aesthetic: Colorful Ice Cream & Cotton Candy!

Last Updated on 2021/09/03

I was happy to find (デコラクリーマリー) Decora Creamery while walking around DiverCity Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, Japan. Just from seeing the shop as I walked in, the menu samples they had on display got me very excited.

decora creamery in odaiba Japan

It was hard to choose what I wanted to order because I wanted one of everything. I wanted the ice cream with cotton candy, the giant cotton candy cone and the boba drink with cotton candy. Decora Creamery (デコラクリーマリー) has an extensive menu and variety of flavors. For novelty treats, I would say $6USD – $7USD is a common price to pay in the United States. The prices on the menu were reasonable in my opinion.

decora creamery menu
  • Ice Cream with Cotton Candy: $650YEN = about $6.19USD
  • Ice Cream Cone: $500YEN = about $4.76USD
  • Cotton Candy Cone: $550YEN = about $5.24USD
    • Rainbow Cotton Candy Cone: $750YEN = about $
  • Boba Drink with Cotton Candy: $600YEN – $650YEN = about $5.71USD – $6.19USD
  • Boba Drink: $550YEN – $600YEN = about $5.24USD – $5.71USD
  • Coffee: $350YEN – $440YEN = about $3.33USD – $4.19USD

I decided to get the ice cream with cotton candy. With so many flavors to choose from, I thought about tasting the one with the most variety of flavors which was the matcha & sea salt soft serve ice cream with the lemon cotton candy ring.

ice cream wrapped in cotton candy

I loved the flavor. The matcha and sea salt blended very well, similarly to salted caramel but with a creamier and bitter taste. The cotton candy added extra sweetness with a hint of lemon. The ice cream is incredibly smooth.

For the price, you get a decent size of cotton candy and about 3 or more swirls of ice cream. Even though it can’t be seen in the photo, there’s still the ice cream cone which is filled with ice cream.

Would I buy this again?

If I had more time in Odaiba, I would’ve bought one of each of the cotton candy items. These are real tasty, filling and aesthetically pleasing. The ice cream didn’t melt too quickly so I didn’t have to panic trying to snap photos of it. Of course, once I went outside into the hot sunny day, it started melting but inside the mall after I ordered, it was still well composed and pretty to look at.

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