Hidden Secret: Harajuku Denki Shokai’s Ice Cream Taco!

Hidden Secret: Harajuku Denki Shokai’s Ice Cream Taco!

At the end of Takeshita street I found myself on Harajuku street. I continued walking past some bars and found an underground ice cream place, Harajuku Denki Shokai.

Harajuku Denki Shokai

ADD WARP HARAJUKU: 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 3 Chome−20−10 すきがらビル 201 [Gmaps]

The address above is for Warp Harajuku which is in the same building but on the 2nd floor. Right below the sign for Warp Harajuku should be the sign for Harajuku Denki Shokai.

It may be harder to find because there’s so many shops on Harajuku Street but if you take your time looking (and trust me, you’ll be busy dealing with all the sensory overload) you’ll be able to find it. They’re known for the “lightbulb” drinks as well; something to look for when you’re in the area.

I was looking to eat some ice cream and was excited to find that they made the ice cream tacos that became viral online the year before. The store was about to close so it was empty.

I ordered their strawberry taco because the matcha was sold out.

harajuku Denki Shokai ice cream taco

It didn’t taste any different from a regular ice cream sundae with toppings. The ice cream was creamy and sweet. It tasted like strawberry milk.  The only thing new about it was the way it looked. The fruit was a bit tart.


The ice cream taco is simply 1 rolled ice cream in a folded waffle disk topped with various candy, cookies and fruit. It looks cute but it’s not practical; it was pretty difficult to eat as the waffle crumbled apart. 

harajuku Denki Shokai menu

They sold a variety of other items that I wanted to taste test but I was really craving some ice cream. You can see from the menu above, it can be pretty hard to choose what you want to eat and the prices aren’t too bad for Harajuku.

  • Denkyu Soda (Lightbulb): $700YEN
  • Ice Cream Tacos: $600YEN
  • Harajuku Smoothies: $500YEN
  • Rose Ice Cream Cones: $600YEN
  • Animal Ice Cream Cones: $500YEN – $1000YEN

The taco cost me $600YEN = about $5.56USD

harajuku Denki Shokai photo booth

Something cute I liked about this place is their little photo booth where customers can pose and take cute “Instagrammable” photos.

Would I buy this again?

No, I wouldn’t. I generally don’t like my ice cream to be messy or to fall apart and this did just that. It was too messy to eat; definitely something you’d want to eat sitting down and not on the go. However, I would love to try all the other items on the menu. This place is also popular for it’s light bulb drinks!

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