I Taste 8 of Julie’s Bakeshop Yummy Pastries in Cebu, Philippines!

I Taste 8 of Julie’s Bakeshop Yummy Pastries in Cebu, Philippines!

Last Updated on 2021/09/03

While I visited Cebu, Philipines, I took the opportunity to wonder around Mactan Island to shop at local shops. One of those shops happened to be Julie’s Bakeshop! This quickly became one of my favorite places to buy pastries every morning. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

julie's bakeshop

Unfortunately the Julie’s Bakeshop website only shows shops in the Philipines so I don’t think they have any international shops. If you happen to stop by the Philippines, look for stores near you.

Julie’s Bakeshop is actually a popular Filipino bakery. You can easily find them in most populated places in the Philipines. They sell a variety of baked goods, from bread to sweets and even breakfast. Over my time on Cebu, I went to Julie’s Bakeshop many times and had the following 8 pastries!

philippines pan de coco Julie's Bakeshop
pan de coco – $10PHP (0.21 US CENTS)

This had like a sweet bun (pan dulce) with shredded coconut and sweetened coconut paste (bukayo) inside. This wasn’t my favorite because I’m not a fan of the texture of shredded coconut but it was very delicious.

julie's bakeshop violet cream ube cheese bread
Violet Cream Loaf – $12PHP (0.25 US CENTS)

When I first bought this I didn’t think it was big, but when I started eating it, it’s actually real big. It can be shared between 3 people. I ate half with some coffee and it was filling. This tasted similar to Graciosa bread but not as sweet. I couldn’t tell what the purple parts tasted like because of the cream on the bread but I assumed it was ube.

julie's backeshop pineapple pie
Pineapple Cake (Pie) – $5PHP (0.10 US CENTS)

This is a bun wrapped around a gelatin like pineapple paste. It was fruity, moist and delicious. It was one of my top favorite treats and one of the most popular treats in the Philippines.

julie's bakeshop buko pandan bun
Pandan Bun (Buko Pandan) – $5PHP (0.10 US CENTS)

This is a bun wrapped around a gelatin like pandan paste. The paste had a light coconut flavor.

Pandan is a hard flavor to explain but the majority of the time I’ve had it, it’s mixed with a coconut flavor. It’s often used for as a natural green food coloring or to enhance other flavors.

coconut ube bar Julie's Bakeshop
Ube Bar – $12PHP (0.25 US CENTS)

I had to have this as someone who loves ube flavored sweets. It was dry but sweet. It had a coconutty flavor. I’m not sure what the filling was, but it wasn’t a cream. I thought it was like a fruity marmalade. Maybe it’s ube syrup since these get soaked in it. This is a big piece of bread; you can share this with 1 or 2 other people.

graciosa cheese cream bread Julie's Bakeshop
Grasiosa – $6PHP (0.12 US CENTS)

This was basically sweet bread. I wasn’t sure what to expect because it looked like it was covered in cheese and butter. Turns out I was somewhat right; it was covered in some kind of sweet cream and grated cheese. I bought it because it looked very moist and sweet; something I could dip into my coffee like (Mexican) concha bread. The bread was pretty big and could be shared with another person.

julie's bakeshop ube buchi donut
Ube Buchi$6PHP (0.12 US CENTS)

This tasted like a sugar covered donut filled with ube paste. It was soft and moist. This is one of my top favorites to eat in the Philippines.

ensaymada cheese bun Julie's Bakeshop
Ensaymada – $6PHP (0.12 US CENTS)

This smelled like cheese but tasted like a sweet vanilla bun to me. It was covered in sugar and it was soft and fluffy like a donut.

The pastry Ensaymada, has origins from Spain (Ensaimada) and was adopted by the Philippines after it was colonized by the Spanish for 300 years. The Pinoy version uses butter and is topped with cheese and sugar.

Would I shop here again? Absolutely!

I wish I had tried more Pinoy pastries like Pinagong and Kalihim, unfortunately I was only in the Philippines for a few days and there were too many other delicious things to eat! It’s amazing to learn about another culture through their food. I knew that the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish but didn’t know or how long and how deep their influence!

I really miss this shop because it was easy to find, very cheap and delicious! (o^‿^o) These pastries would cost a lot more in the U.S.

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