Detective Conan Soda Collection!

Detective Conan Soda Collection!

While I was in Japan, I found out that one of my favorite anime was promoting their latest movie by selling collectible soda cans.

If you don’t already know, Detective Conan (名探偵コナン ) a.k.a Cased Closed by Gosho Aoyama (青山 剛昌), is a well known manga and anime in Japan. Also known as one of the longest airing anime, quickly approaching it’s 1000 episode.

While I was traveling in Japan early April, there were many promotions for the upcoming Detective Conan movie coming out on April 12th, called Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (名探偵コナン 紺青の拳).

I was walking down the street from Shinjuku, on my way to Shibuya when I walked by a soda machine with the coolest looking soda can. I did a couple head turns before I walked back and saw that it was Detective Conan soda. Can you imagine how excited I was! Best part, it was only 100YEN = about .93 US CENTS.

When I realized there were multiple cans to collect, I was stressed to find the rest. I collected the first 4 in Tokyo. I had many, many repeats, especially of Ai Haibara (灰原 哀). It got to the point that I couldn’t drink some of the cans anymore.

This tastes like the original ramune (ラムネ) which has a lemon-lime flavor. I would say this one is sweeter though. At first it was real tasty but after having so many of them, I got tired of the taste and it made me break out pretty bad. 

While I was in Osaka and Fukuoka, I continued trying to get the cans and just couldn’t get the Kudou Shinichi (工藤新) one. I tried multiple times and probably spent over $20USD trying to get it but I couldn’t. I was very unlucky.

I got lucky and got the Conan can while traveling in Fujinomiya (富士宮市) when I went to see Mt. Fuji (富士山).

I even went to Tottori (鳥取市), the creator Gosho Aoyama’s home town. The town is a Detective Conan fanatic destination, full of Detective Conan statues, special landmarks, a Gosho Aoyama Museum, Detective Conan shop and a Detective Conan Café. For a higher cost, they had the collectible sodas but the one I needed, Kudou Shinichi, was sold out. I was so bummed out.

It may sound weird to collect soda cans but because they’re limited time only, especially since I can’t travel to Japan often. It’s so cool seeing my cans on a shelf because it reminds me of my trip.

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