My Adventure Collecting Detective Conan Soda in Japan!

My Adventure Collecting Detective Conan Soda in Japan!

Last Updated on 2021/09/03

I felt a little ridiculous wondering from soda machine to soda machine looking for Detective Conan soda!

While I was in Japan, I found out that one of my favorite anime, Detective Conan, was promoting their latest movie by selling collectible soda cans.

Detective Conan soda machine

If you don’t already know, Detective Conan (名探偵コナン ) a.k.a Cased Closed by Gosho Aoyama (青山 剛昌), is a well known manga and anime in Japan. Also known as one of the longest airing anime, quickly approaching it’s 1000 episode.

While I was traveling in Japan early April, there were many promotions for the upcoming Detective Conan movie coming out on April 12th, called Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (名探偵コナン 紺青の拳).

Detective Conan roadshow promotional sticker

I was walking down the street from Shinjuku, on my way to Shibuya when I walked by a soda machine with the coolest looking soda can. I did a couple head turns before I walked back and saw that it was Detective Conan soda. Can you imagine how excited I was! Best part, it was only 100YEN = about .93 US CENTS.

When I realized there were multiple cans to collect, I was stressed to find the rest. I collected the first 4 in Tokyo. I had many, many repeats, especially of Ai Haibara (灰原 哀). It got to the point that I couldn’t drink some of the cans anymore.

Detective Conan soda collection

This tastes like the original ramune (ラムネ) which has a lemon-lime flavor. I would say this one is sweeter though. At first it was real tasty but after having so many of them, I got tired of the taste and it made me break out pretty bad. 

While I was in Osaka and Fukuoka, I continued trying to get the cans and just couldn’t get the Kudou Shinichi (工藤新) one. I tried multiple times and probably spent over $20USD trying to get it but I couldn’t. I was very unlucky.

I got lucky and got the Conan can while traveling in Fujinomiya (富士宮市) when I went to see Mt. Fuji (富士山).

Detective Conan sodas

I even went to Tottori (鳥取市), the creator Gosho Aoyama’s home town. The town is a Detective Conan fanatic destination, full of Detective Conan statues, special landmarks, a Gosho Aoyama Museum, Detective Conan shop and a Detective Conan Café. For a higher cost, they had the collectible sodas but the one I needed, Kudou Shinichi, was sold out. I was so bummed out.

It may sound weird to collect soda cans but because they’re limited time only, especially since I can’t travel to Japan often. It’s so cool seeing my cans on a shelf because it reminds me of my trip.

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