Gashapon Crazy: A Gashapon Capsule Toys Paradise in Ximending, Taipei!

Gashapon Crazy: A Gashapon Capsule Toys Paradise in Ximending, Taipei!

I was very excited to find this massive collection of Gashapon Capsule Toys Paradise in Ximending area in Taipei.

Gashapon (ガシャポン), also called Gachapon (ガチャポン) are capsule machines with collectible toys. You probably heard it called Gacha for short. It’s a very popular collectors’ hobby in Japan. I didn’t expect to find many capsule machines anywhere else.

Gashapon Capsule Toys Ximending Taiwan

This is only a small part of the area I encountered. This whole wall and the one opposite to it had gashapon machines. There had to be nearly 300 all together.


You can find gashapon all over Ximending area and various other places in Taipei but this location was the most compelling to me.

This area is located at ADD: Hanzhong Street & Lane 20, Section 2 & Hankou St on the street next to the restaurant 祥發港式茶餐廳西門店! [Gmaps]

I didn’t know what to do with myself. I walked up and down these 2 walls trying to decide what to get. These aren’t like the cheap 25 US CENTS capsule toys in the US. Japanese capsule toys are collectible, good quality toys that can become quite an expensive hobby, if you plan to collect them.

Gashapon Capsule Toys machines

These can cost different prices depending on what the toy is, what it does and brand/popularity. From what I saw prices ranged from 60TWD = about $2.01USD to 200TWD = about $6.68USD.

60TWD may not sound like a lot for some of these but it does add up, especially when you want the whole set or wanting a specific toy. Imagine if you wanted to collect the Naruto series below. That’s at least 8 characters plus the chances of having repeats or not finding all the figures even if you empty out the machine.


You can find all kind of collectibles. Cute ones, anime ones, miniature game ones. If I had more money and space in my luggage, I would’ve spent at least $100 – $200USD on random capsules I wanted.

I searched online for this gashapon and couldn’t find anything about it. I even tried looking for a gashapon tracker to see if there was a way to locate specific capsule machines but my search came up empty. Basically, if you want to collect gashapon, you have to try buying as many as you can or return to the same location to find the one you want.

Luckily I anticipated this by buying from Bunny Life!

I literally only wanted 1 capsule from this machine and I would be happy with any design. If I picked any other gashapon I knew I would want more than one or I would keep trying until I got what I wanted. This was my best choice!

It came with several adorable decorations.

  • lettuce
  • water bottle
  • bunny
  • poop box
  • food bowl
  • a carrier cage with a decorative image
Gashapon Capsule Toys bunny life toy

When you put everything in the carrier, it all looks very cute. It makes a fun toy for kids to play with or for display, if you’re a collector. My favorite things are the water bottle; you can actually hang it like a real bunny water bottle and the cage actually has a handle for you to life it with and an air duct like a real bunny carrier.

Gashapon Capsule Toys bunny life

I really wish I had bought a bunch of capsule toys because it’s such a neat thing to buy and an easy souvenir. Next time I travel to Taiwan (or Japan) I’ll have a special budget for gashapon (ガシャポン)!

Have you travelled? Have your own gacha collection?

Comment below what you’ve found!

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