Beautiful Clothes at Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ Shop for My Kpop Doll!

Beautiful Clothes at Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ Shop for My Kpop Doll!

I was happy to find the Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ shop while I was in Thailand. Finding this shop while traveling was one of my favorite surprises. I wanted to buy every piece that could fit on my Kpop doll but I only had money for a few outfits.

doll clothes from Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ shop in Thailand

The shop is a teddy bear shop with clothes for teddy bears of different sizes. However, as I looked around, I saw that the majority of shoppers were Kpop doll owners. You could walk around with your doll and even try on the clothes before buying. I found 2 different clothes sizes that could fit my 20cm Prince Dokyeom doll.

It’s very unfortunate that they don’t have a website; it makes me wish I had taken photos inside the shop. I found their Facebook page instead.


The Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ shop is on the 3rd floor of the Siam Square One Mall in Bangkok

ADR: 388 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand [Gmaps]

pants for doll from Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ shop
it’s a teddy bear clothes shop

It’s important to note that this is a teddy bear shop so the clothes are made for teddy bears. The pants have holes in the back for a teddy bears’ tail. Some hats had holes on top for teddy bears’ ears. If you have a Kpop doll with ears and a tail, then great, but if not, the hole in the pants isn’t noticeable. As for the hats, the holes were obvious.


It’s common for doll clothes to be made out of cheap, plastic, glossy material because it’s for dolls. The clothes sold at Be Mine Bear are made out of materials that people clothes are made out of. Materials vary between outfits as well; The polka shirt I bought is made of a thicker material, while the Christmas shirt is thinner.

Red White Polka dots outfit – $250THB = $7.81USD

This was a must have because of the polka dots and the material it was made out of. The shirt had an actual mini pocket that you could put something small inside. The buttons are real and make it easy to put the shirt on my doll. I was happy to add white pants to DK’s closet.

Be Mine Bear ออนไลน์ DK Seventeen kpop doll polka dot outfit
Christmas outfit – $250THB = $7.81USD

I had to get a Christmas outfit! The material for the shirt is thin, like a summer shirt. Unfortunately, the buttons were decoration and they used Velcro instead to keep the shirt on. I specifically picked this outfit because I wanted a variety of colors of pants. I was happy to get some khakis for DK.

Christmas shirt on Kpop doll from Be Mine Bear
blue stripe pajamas – $350THB = $10.91USD

They didn’t have pajamas in my doll’s size so I bought this one size bigger. The pants fit okay but as you can see from the image below, the shirt is wider and hangs a bit loose on the shoulders. Regardless, it looks good on DK! They had different colors of the same design but I settled for blue, like his original prince outfit! The buttons are for decoration, which of course is a little disappointing, but not a big deal. One reason I bought this outfit is because of the sleep mask.

stripe blue pajamas on DK Seventeen Kpop doll

yellow school uniform – $350THB = $10.91USD

I really wanted a uniform outfit for my Kpop doll but the problem with this one was that it was a size bigger. Actually, in the end it turned out that fit him somewhat okay. It’s slightly loose around the body but tight around the arms because of all the layers of the outfit. This was one of the more expensive items I bought because it brought, 1 pair of pants, 1 shirt, 1 jacket and a tie. The shirt has buttons sewn on for decoration so I had to slip the shirt on through the body. I also had to slip the tie on through the body. Luckily, the button on the jacket is real and the jacket can be opened to put on the doll. Unfortunately, the pockets on the jacket are fake. The pants fit perfectly.

Kpop doll in school uniform from Be Mine Bear shop
angel wings – $145THB = $4.64USD

I got the angel wings because why not! It was in the clearance section and it only cost me $1USD. The store owner was so nice! She checked that all the items had no stitches hanging out and measured the wings on my doll to make sure that the stretchy bands fit perfectly.

angel wings on Kpop doll of DK from Seventeen
black shoes from Be Mine Bear shop
black shoes -$250THB = $7.81USD

I was finally able to get DK some shoes! I was really happy. However, the problem was that the shop didn’t have the size shoes I needed, so these are a size bigger. You can tell from the photos that the shoes swallow Dokyeom’s feet. I still like the shoes! He can stand on his own with them and the quality is great!

bear shoes from Be Mine Bear shop
bear slippers – $85THB = $2.81USD

The price was unbeatable, and just look how cute the slippers are! The color matched with the pajamas too! These are made from felt and they slipped on perfectly on my DK’s little feet.

red baseball hat from Be Mine Bear shop
red baseball hat – $195THB = $6.24USD

I fell in love with this item as soon as I saw it. It’s like a real baby’s baseball hat. It has a stretchable band to put around the doll’s neck, but the hat perfectly fits my 20cm Kpop doll that I simply tuck it inside. I could cut it off but I don’t want to damage the hat.

be mine bear cat ears on kpop doll
cat ears – $165THB = $5.02USD

I’m still not sure why I bought this but it was cheap and I couldn’t say no. These are real cute and easy to wear. Even though it was on clearance, the quality was top notch!

glasses on kpop doll be mine bear ออนไลน์
glasses – $95THB = $2.90USD

Ever since I learned about Kpop dolls, I knew I wanted my first doll to have glasses. I couldn’t pass up the chance of getting DK a pair. It was hard to choose because the lenses came in different colors.


The prices vary but they’re pretty standard to Kpop doll clothes prices I’ve seen in GOs and online shops. The main difference is, you don’t have to pay shipping. I thought some prices were a bit high but the quality of the clothes was great, the service was excellent and the shop keeper gave me a 5% discount on my purchase.

would I buy here again? yes!

I wish I bought a few more outfits. Prices are about the same as Kpop doll outfits you’d buy online or on GO’s, but the difference is, you don’t have to pay for shipping and you have the owner of the shop who specializes in making the doll clothes available for any questions you have. It was fun to see many Kpop fans at Be Mine Bear bonding with their dolls.

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