I Get a Fun Workout at the Running Man Thematic Experience Center Arcade in Seoul!

I Get a Fun Workout at the Running Man Thematic Experience Center Arcade in Seoul!

I remember walking past the Running Man Thematic Experience Center while looking for Insadong Ssamziegil. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to do this activity because I thought it would be too childish and crowded with children.

running man thematic experience center entrance

I was right! It was crowded with children. ┐(︶▽︶)┌ ┐(︶▽︶)┌

As a Running Man fan, it was hard to skip this, ☆ ~(‘▽^人) especially since it was included in the BTS Edition of the Discover Seoul Pass I bought. When I arrived, I had to pay for a locker to leave my bag in since you can’t walk in with things on you. Afterwards, the clerk checked for my pass, gave me an electronic wristband and explained the process of the arcade.

The goal is to get between 80 – 89 points to win a prize at the end. To accumulate points, you use the wristband to tap the R scanners hidden around the arcade and play the Running Man themed games!


This is the Running Man Thematic Experience Center Episode 1. There are 2 other centers, Episodes 2 & 3 that you can learn more about on their website!

ADR: South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Insadong 5-gil, 종로 가동 [Gmaps]

running man thematic experience center map

There are 12 games you can play:

  • (A) – Running Man Beginner: The first room meant as “training” with a trail of R scanners.
  • (B) – Run & Run: “Running in place” type of game, like a stepper. You need a certain amount of steps in 60 seconds.
  • (C) – Jump Rope: It’s all about jumping at the right time.
  • (D) – Squat Maze: Crawl around in a maze and pop up through holes above to find R scanners.
  • (E) – Dark Maze: It’s literally a dark maze; can’t see anything when you go in. You feel around to find R scanners…but you might find other things as well. (・_・;)
  • (F) – Ball Throwing: Work with other players to throw balls through holes.
  • (G) – Scream: You scream as loud as you can into a microphone and try to reach a specific decibel.
  • (H) – Touch the Nametags: It’s a room where specific nametags light up and you have to touch them as quickly as possible.
  • (I) – Where is R-mons?: You have to find the R-mon on a screen.
  • (J) – Ring Hanging: You hang from a gymnastic rings without touching the floor during the allotted time.
  • (K) – Tap-Tap: You have to tap the R button as much as possible during the allotted time.
  • (L) – Mirror Maze: You walk around a mirror maze finding R scanners.

I didn’t get to try the Ball Throwing and Where is R-mons because there were waiting lines just to use them so I skipped them. The rest of the games I tried at least once!

running man arcade beginner
Running Man Beginner

When I walked in, I was so excited, I wanted to skip this room but then realized that I needed to accumulate as many points as possible after experiencing how hard it was to get points at the Run & Run game! It’s basically a training room to help you learn how to tap your wristband on the R scanners. Easy points! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

run & run game in Running Man Arcade
Run & Run

I was shocked at how hard this was. I thought, “I run pretty fast! I can do this!” It was hard, especially the last few seconds. I don’t remember exactly how many steps you need total in 60 seconds, but I know it was more than 120 steps. It took me: 3 tries, walking away to collect points at the Running Man Beginner & Jump Rope game and finally succeeding on my 4th try. It was exhausting!

Jump Rope

This game was easier than the Run & Run game. It took me 2 attempts to finally succeed. You basically jump in place over a pad that senses your jumps, making the avatar on screen jump rope at the same time. It’s mainly about timing and not so much about actually jumping rope.

running man arcade squat maze
Squat Maze

I know it says “squat” but there was no way I was going to squat all over this maze; my thighs were already sore. At first I didn’t get it; I thought I had to crawl around the maze and find my way out like in Running Man episode 270, where Kwang Soo plans his revenge with a bunch of mazes.

When I went in, it was very spacious and easy to follow, so you won’t get lost or feel anxious. When I found an opening, I popped my head up expecting something scary or getting sprayed with water, but I found nothing but a mirror ceiling. After I crawled to another opening, I realized, “Oh, I have to find the R scanners and tap them at each hole”.

Dark Maze

Of course I didn’t get to take pictures in this maze because it was completely dark. I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. I walked around touching the walls to find the R scanners hidden in the maze. At first I thought I was imagining weird sounds but I wasn’t. ▓▒░(O_o)░▒▓ Some of the buttons hidden in the maze make noises when touched. I pressed one at the beginning of the maze which played a distant creepy laugh. The maze was very short and easy to walk through, so there’s nothing be afraid of.


I was worried about trying this game because it was very awkward. You basically scream inside of a booth with a microphone above you. You have to reach a certain decibel to get the R points. Every time someone played the game, everyone in the arcade would stare. I tried the game 3 times before giving up because I could reach a loud enough scream.

The cutest thing happened though, a few of the kids in the arcade saw me screaming and failing, so they rushed over and helped me scream! Still failed but it was a sweet experience with some random Korean kids. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

ring hanging running man arcade
Ring Hanging

This was easier than I thought. Basically, you hold on to the rings above and when the game starts, you can’t touch the floor until the timer is done. I had to bend my knees because I was too tall.

At first I was worried, “All these kids passed it easy! What if I can’t hold out cuz my arms weak?”. Luckily holding on for 60 seconds wasn’t too long and I got the R points easy.

Touch the Name Tags

You definitely need a 2nd person for this. I tried it twice by myself and I was exhausted by the end of each attempt. You’re basically in a small room with name tags scattered all over the walls. The goal is to hit all the nametags that light up before timer is done. The hardest part is rushing from one wall to another! ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(;・ω・)┘

Tap Tap

This was an impossible game for me to win. It’s a real workout pounding on the R button! My arms got too sore and I eventually gave up on my 3rd try.

running man arccade mirror maze room
Mirror Maze

This was so cute and so fun. \(^ヮ^)/

You simply walk around in a maze full of mirrors like in a haunted house and try to find the real R scanners. Some scanners made “booooo” noises when you scanned the wrong one. The mirror maze was also full of colorful lights as you can see in the photos below!

I think the funniest part of this maze is finding an R scanner and trying to tap it, only to find that it’s a reflection. It’s easy to tell what is a mirror and which way to walk, but I still found myself tapping mirrors when I saw reflections of the R scanners. (〃^▽^〃)

If you get lost enough in the Mirror Maze, you’ll somehow end up in this angelic-like room in the photo on the left.

The “Secret Room” inside the Mirror Maze

Aside from the angelic-like room, somewhere hidden within the Mirror Maze, you’ll also find this “secret room” where you can take a picture inside a TV like a Running Man member.

running man arcade photo zone
Checking your score

Throughout the arcade, you can find machines that will show you a map of the arcade and how many points each location is worth. With just a tap of your wristband, it can also tell you how many points you’ve accumulated at each location and total points. This is how I found out I missed a point at the Mirror Maze & Dark Maze so I went back to find any R scanners I missed.

Running Man Prize button pin

I didn’t realize I spent so much time at this arcade. With only 24hrs in my Discover Seoul Pass, I had to leave even though I wanted to keep trying. The higher the points you collect, the better the prize! Yes you get a prize! I didn’t collect enough points, so all I got was this Running Man pin. Not bad of a souvenir even though it’s not what I wanted.

If you get 79 points or lower you get 1 badge, 80 – 87 points you get 2 badges and if you get 88 points, you get 3 badges. If you score 80 points or higher, you also get a certificate and a photo on the hall of fame as the 8th Running Man member (because once upon a time, there were only 7 members).

If it’s your first time to this arcade, you could also get SM Duty Free benefits!

R-points Donations program

For every point accumulated, 1 WON (about 1 US CENT) is donated to neglected children. ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ It’s not much but at least it’s something!

Would I go again! Yes!

Believe it or not, some of the games are pretty hard and it’s real easy to lose track of time when you’re in the arcade. Since I was using my Discover Seoul Pass, I gave myself 1 hour to enjoy the arcade before I had to rush to the next activity but I ended up spending more than an hour there. I didn’t even get to try all the games! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b I would also like to go to the other Running Man Thematic Experience Centers too. This is a great place to go with a friend and relieve some stress!

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Overall Experience
Entertaining Atmosphere

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