I Taste 7 Sweet Mochi Cream Flavors at Chicago’s Mitsuwa Market!

I Taste 7 Sweet Mochi Cream Flavors at Chicago’s Mitsuwa Market!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Chicago. To my surprise, a lot of new things were added, including this Mochi Cream shop.

mochi cream box

I’ve had mochi ice cream before. You can read my review for MyMo Mochi Ice Cream Flavors if you enjoy mochi ice cream as much as I do.

This brand is called Mochi Cream! However, this mochi ice cream is a little different. Aside from the bit of ice cream added, this mochi came stuffed with flavored pastes too; just like regular mochi.

You can learn more about Mochi Cream on their websites:


ADR: 100 E Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005 [Gmaps]

7 different mochi cream flavors

Most of the mochi’s range between $1.80USD to $2.50USD but this Mochi Cream shop has several bundles that are worth taking advantage of. I decided to go with the:

  • Buy 8 get 1 caramel macchiato for free

Unfortunately I didn’t notice that I would get a free caramel macchiato with the box of 8 and so I had originally ordered a caramel macchiato and forgot, so I ended up with 2 caramel macchiato mochi, instead of another flavor to try.

NOTE the cream: The white part is the cream inside the mochi, but it didn’t feel like regular ice cream. I wasn’t sure at first but the texture felt slightly different and the taste was more of a milky cream and not plain vanilla ice cream. I couldn’t figure out the right answer to this since there were no nutrition facts or ingredients listed. It’s still delicious!

honey cranberry mochi cream
Honey Cranberry

This was not one of my favorites to try. I’m not a huge fan of honey.

Dough: It didn’t seem to have any flavor in particular. Because of the yellowish tint, I thought maybe it would taste a bit like honey.

Paste: The pink part of the mochi is the paste which was cranberry flavor.

Honey: In random spots throughout the mochi, there were bits of honey randomly mixed in. It was a pleasant surprise! While I don’t enjoy the taste of honey, I did enjoy this effect.

peach yogurt mochi cream
Peach Yogurt

The flavor is good even though it wasn’t my favorite. It tasted like peaches and cream.

Dough: The dough had a small hint of peach flavor.

Paste: The yellow paste had a strong peachy flavor.

Cream: I was expecting a Greek yogurt flavor in the cream but it tasted like regular cream to me.

black sesame mochi cream
Black Sesame

I’m not a huge fan of sesame treats but I do love black sesame ice cream. This mochi barely left an after taste in your mouth even though the sesame flavor was strong. It was very yummy!

Dough: The dough tasted like black sesame. You can see black sesame mixed into the dough.

Paste: The paste had a very strong flavor of sesame. You can see there’s ground black sesame into the paste.

red sweet potato mochi cream
Red Sweet Potato

This was yummy but it’s not one of my favorites.

Dough: The dough tasted like regular mochi dough.

Paste: The paste didn’t have a strong flavor of the red sweet potato. I was a bit disappointed. If you’ve ever had roasted sweet potatoes before, that’s what this reminded me of.

apple pie mochi ice cream
Apple Pie

O.M.G. This is my top number 2. This is an absolute fave! It was incredibly delicious! °˖✧◝(★ω★)◜✧˖°

Dough: This dough tasted like regular mochi dough.

Apple: In the center of the mochi, there was a small piece of cinnamon apple. It tasted just like in an apple pie.

Cream: As you can see, the mochi I filled with ice cream; no paste this time. It tasted like cinnamon and graham cracker bits mixed in.

sakura (cherry blossom) mochi cream
Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)

This mochi was yummy and real cute!

Dough: The dough didn’t have any noticeable flavor to me.

Paste: Most sakura (cherry blossoms) flavored sweets are a hit or miss. This mochi had a very strong floral taste. If you’ve never tasted sakura flavored sweets before, I’d say it’s an in between flavor of roses and strawberries.

caramel pudding mochi cream
Caramel Pudding

Here is my number 1 favorite mochi! Absolutely amazing! It reminded me of the Japanese custard pudding by Glico called Pucchin Purin (プッチンプリン).

Dough: As far as I could tell, the mochi was regular mochi dough.

Custard: The pudding was very smooth even though it was frozen. It tastes like flan but thicker, sweet and very creamy.

Caramel: You can see a faint line where the caramel was injected in the center. 

caramel macchiato mochi cream
Caramel Macchiato

This was actually a really good mochi.

Dough: I couldn’t tell if the mochi dough had any flavor added to it because it was covered in what I assumed was chocolate powder, so it tasted like chocolate to me.

Paste: The paste tasted between a mix of chocolate and coffee to me.

Cream: The ice cream tasted like coffee.

Would I buy these again? I absolutely loved these.

I absolutely loved these and the Mochi Cream shop. I love the mix between the traditional Japanese mochi (with paste inside) and the Japanese American ice cream mochi. It’s a slight twist that adds an exciting new texture and flavor. If you’re looking to try new flavors, this is definitely the place! My top favorites were the custard and the apple pie!

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