I tried Burger King’s IMPOSSIBLE Whopper!

I had to try this burger! And no, I’m not vegan or vegetarian.

I did try both diets before when I was younger but I found that a balanced diet is healthier than being either vegan or vegetarian or mainly a meat eater. I believe having more veggie based foods would help a lot with reducing meat consumption, battery farming and make it easier for people to eat veggies overall.

I’ve tried many other veggie burgers before and I needed to know how this one scaled next to all the others.

This burger will be available for a limited time only but I believe it’s a great test run to help build more accessible vegan and vegetarian options. While you can’t find a Burger King on every other block like McDonald’s, for a fast food chain, it’s still a very accessible brand especially since a variety of veggie options is still not as available as the vegan-vegetarian community would like it to be.

Because of the smokey, fire cooked flavor that Burger King has promoted under for years, I think it gives the veggie burger taste a new enhanced flavor. I say enhanced flavor because if you like the taste of grilled meat, it’s a good mask for the vegetable mix taste from veggie burgers; It’s one step closer for making veggie based food “meat replacement” taste familiar to meat. Like I said, I’ve had different veggie burgers before of different mixtures: black bean, garden vegetarian, tomato-lettuce-onion-avocado stack, chickpea, and whenever I eat at vegan restaurants; I think a smokey, grill flame by be a good option.

For the meat eaters reading this, you will note there is a slight “something” missing. The veggie patty tastes good but anyone who eats meat would be able to tell that it’s not quite “meaty”, just as a vegan-vegetarian would be able to tell if there’s a slight meaty or dairy ingredient in their meal.

One of the things I’ve always hated about veggie burgers is how they fall apart; sometimes they’re very dry and crumble apart or other times they are very mushy and fall apart in chunks. I’m glad to say that the consistency of this burger is ideal. It’s mushy like ground beef but mashed well together that it doesn’t fall apart or is easily crushed.

$5.59USD + taxes for just the sandwich! It seems like a fair price and by vegan & burger standards, it is. There are many reasons why vegetables and healthier foods are more expensive than junk food and fast food, but it never seizes to amaze me. As an omnivore, if I had to choose between a veggie patty or a regular burger, I will have a regular burger; vegan food, unfortunately for me, is a luxury.

I don’t have a proven direct source of information to answer that question BUT, I did find some interesting articles that talked about this same concern.

  • Is the Impossible Whopper truly vegan?
    • The answer is NO. The burger comes with mayo.
  • If I wanted it to be vegan, can’t I just request the burger without mayo?
  • Is there a way to have it cooked on a separate grill?
    • Customers have the option to order it made in the microwave but most true vegan-vegetarians wouldn’t take that risk.

On Burger King’s Nutritional PDF, it clearly states that they never claimed that any of their veggie products meets vegan-vegetarian requirements, which is true. They’ve only claimed that it’s vegetable made or 0% beef.

Is it worth it? Yes.

I thought it was worth trying this burger and here’s why:

  • If you have yet to try a veggie burger, this could be your first try to realize that it’s not all that bad
  • It may help promote for vegan-vegetarian fast food chains. Yes, there’s plenty small shops but no same brand chain with easy access.
  • It’s a good start for promoting more tasty veggie options that people can choose to eat over fatty, sugary, salty and meaty options.

While it’s not something I’d buy on the regular, it was still a tasty taste test for me.

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