My New 15CM Jun from Seventeen Kpop Doll!

My New 15CM Jun from Seventeen Kpop Doll!

Last Updated on 2021/09/04

I couldn’t say no to this Seventeen Kpop doll. After ordering my first Kpop doll Prince DK from Seventeen, I was looking forward to my next doll!

It’s so hard not to order more dolls, and even harder to spend the money! My original goal was to get 1 doll of each member and then work my way through all my other favorite groups. These dolls aren’t cheap though! With 13 members, it adds up quick. I was happy to find a smaller version of kpop dolls that still look very cute!

jun from seventeen kpop doll

I love my Dokyeom (도겸) Kpop doll! I don’t really do much with it; it’s more like an action figure, a very cuddly, adorable action figure with clothes changing action!

Naturally, I would be buying more Kpop dolls but as a former plushie collector, after a while they can take up a lot of space so I got interested in smaller dolls like this one.

This kpop doll was designed by @aniain1019 on Twitter. There were other 15CM Kpop dolls I wanted to order but missed the deadline. Luckily this Jun from Seventeen Kpop Doll popped up on my feed at the right moment! I ordered the doll through a GO by Vanessa @kpopgos on Twitter. The doll came with the a baby outfit and a yellow elephant onesie.

I normally don’t like to order kpop dolls with extra appendages. By that I mean, when they add animal ears, tails, etc. If a character doesn’t have something attached to them originally, then I prefer they didn’t have anything added extra because I want to choose when or what to give them depending on the outfit. I don’t like the “always having” the extra appendages for every outfit. ┐(︶▽︶)┌ STILL, I got this Jun doll because it was cute and the different eye colors were nice to looks at.

jun from seventeen mirror

The FINAL cost for this doll was $63.07USD. The initial price of the product was $17USD. After that, there were 2 other payments: EMS ($17.99USD) + Domestic Shipping ($28.08USD). By ordering prior to creation of the doll, most GOs offer “pre-order gifts”. This one included a hand mirror! It’s actually pretty neat!

I’ll be honest, after seeing how much I spent, I kind of wished I had bought a regular sized Kpop doll (20CM). This actually cost me more than my Prince DK doll.


This doll was 15CM. I love how tiny it was but for the price, I would’ve preferred a 20CM doll.


I ordered this late February and I didn’t receive it until the end of August. It took about 6 months which to me is a pretty good time.

Since I ordered through a GO (Group Order), it takes more time than ordering items from an online store. It’s similar to pre-ordering an item. If you don’t know what a GO is, feel free to read my review of my Prince DK Kpop Doll!

naked jun kpop doll
naked jun doll

The doll is well made. As you can see, it has embroidered hearts on it’s chest and a firm butt, which adds an extra dimension instead of just being a flat stuffed cloth kind of doll.

I love the different colors in the eyes. It definitely makes the Jun doll seem supernatural and of course, the ears are what makes him a kitten. I was surprised a tail and paw prints were added to the doll.

You can see in the photo that the head of the doll seems slightly over filled. You can see the stitching which made me worry; it looks like after filling the head with cotton, the sewing stretch as they sealed up the doll. I hope the head doesn’t snap open, but if it does, I’ll have to remember to empty it out a bit.

jun from seventeen kpop doll baby outfit
jun doll in baby outfit

Even though the outfit was small and simple, it looks very cute. It comes with 3 pieces: a bonnet, a bib and bloomers.

I love how all the pieces are like the real clothes. The bonnet goes over the head and is tied around the neck. It even had 2 tiny holes for the ears. The bib wraps around the neck perfectly and clips tight like a real bib. The bloomers are fluffy and puffy like real bloomers too.

I would’ve preferred a more colorful baby outfit. This one looks a bit plain, but I still love how well it all fits together!

Jun doll in elephant outfit

I loved this onesie! I love how the color is yellow. The elephant is cute and doesn’t have a super long nose; because it’s short, it doesn’t flip around and get in the way. Also, they included a tail. The only thing that bothered me was the pink bow. I love the bow but it’s sewn on at the very tip of the Velcro and it hangs a bit loosely because of it. I wish it felt more complete when I tie the onesie closed.

My favorite part of this outfit, aside from the bright color, are the ears! I love how huge and flappy they are! ( ^ ∀ ^)ノ~ ♡

Jun Seventeen kpop doll elephant outfit
jun kpop doll bunny outfit
bunny outfit

For an extra cost, they had this cute bunny outfit but I decided to skip this piece since I knew EMS and domestic shipping were going to be pretty expensive.

Disclaimer: The bunny outfit photo wasn’t taken by me. It was posted on Twitter by the creator @aniain1019.

What’s my next kpop doll? I’m not sure!

There’s so many different styles and new ones that get designed everydays. I actually hope to design my own one day. I really want to own a BTS full set but it’s so hard to decide which kpop doll to get and money is always an issue too. Maybe I should focus on getting all 13 Seventeen members first?

Anyway, as you can see this is an expensive hobby but a fun at the same time. Does the image below look like the doll? It’s cute like the doll! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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