Funko Cereal: SLIMER!

My first Funko cereal was Slimer!

I loved the box design; it’s very eye catching!

Originally I bought Ursula box first but I happen to stop by at Game Stop and found the Slimer box. Unlike the Ursula box, I could buy Slimer in store and not wait for it to be delivered to me.

While I wasn’t sure what to expect, I made many assumptions like “promotional type products tend to not taste good” and “honestly, most people only want the toy”. I was still very excited to try these because I was curious about the flavor and I was so happy to see fun products produced to satisfy our inner geeky & nerdy desires. Let’s be honest, many of us missed the “surprise inside” in cereal boxes; Funko realized this!

PRICE – $7.99USD at Game Stop
I’ll start here because it can be quite pricey to buy Funko brand products. I’ve seen some of these cereal boxes sell for $32USD. Luckily Slimer isn’t in extreme demand and I was able to get this for only $7.99USD!

I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. At first it tasted like blueberry cough medicine. After a while, they don’t taste too bad. By the end of my first bowl, it tasted like sweet blueberry mint toothpaste. It also reminded me of club soda. This will probably not be my favorites but the tasted wasn’t too awful.

I’m surprised that the box is so big even though the most you’ll get from the bag of cereal is 3 small bowls of cereal or 2 medium sized bowls. The  box could have definitely been much smaller; I’d say it could’ve been half and everything would’ve fit just fine. 7 oz (198g) isn’t a lot.

I was really curious about the mini Funko Pop called a “Pocket Pop”. The box looked like double the size than it needed to be for what it brought so I was expecting it to be slightly larger than the preview photo on the cover. The figure was very small. It was cute but I wondered if it was cost effective.

Would I buy it again? No.

Honestly, I’m a collector; I like collecting things, so at the moment that’s my drive for getting these cereal boxes. My impressions after the first box is that the price is a bit high (although I was lucky to find this one lower than some), the figure is a bit small, the cereal box takes a lot of space (if you want to keep it built and placed on display) and of course the flavor of the cereal (I’m still paying a hefty price for a cereal that doesn’t have a very good flavor).

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