Funko Pops: 11 FunkO Cereal I Collected and Tasted!

Funko Pops: 11 FunkO Cereal I Collected and Tasted!

Last Updated on 2021/09/04

I just found out that the makers of Funko Pops are making FunkO cereals and the boxes include a small Funko Pop toy!

funko cereal pocket pop toys

Oh yes, I know I’m late to this collectible series but I like collecting things, and while Funko Pops never got my attention, the cereals have.

General price

I bought these FunkO Cereal at different prices but the initial store price for all was $10.99 as far as I’m aware.

general quantity

Each box contains 7oz (198g) of cereal. This is enough for 3 small bowls.

General taste

Each box has it’s own slightly varying flavor but they all taste more or less the same. Some boxes are passable but for the most part, the cereals aren’t good as if not enough research was invest in creating a decent recipe. The “Tasty Treat! Fun to Eat!” on the boxes is almost like joke by a throll.

If they were going to sell nasty cereal, they should’ve simply done what they did with the Star Wars FunkO shirts or the FunkO Soda Figures.

General texture

The best way I can describe the texture is, “Capt’N Crunch” texture; it will hurt your mouth after a few spoonfuls. All of the cereals were hard, sticky and crumbly. It seems like they all had a sugary glaze over them.

general ingredients

If you look at the ingredients to each box, they’re all pretty much the same except for the food coloring dyes used.

general pocket funko size

Most of the pocket FunkO are of similar size of about 1.5in (3.81cm).

Super Conan – $9.99USD

funko super Conan box
funko cereal super Conan

I was actually pretty excited about trying these because when I bought them at Game Stop, the clerk there raved about how this FunkO cereal was his favorite because taste was one of the best from the series.

While the texture of the cereal wasn’t good, the Super Conan cereal was passable in flavor. I won’t say it was delicious but it wasn’t awful to eat either. To me the loops had a citrusy taste.

I bought this at $9.99USD but Game Stop late lowered the price to $7.99USD.

Slimer – $7.99USD

Slimer cereal box
Slimer funko cereal

I originally got this from Game Stop while I waited for my Ursula & Oogie Boogie boxes to be delivered.

I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. At first it tasted like blueberry cough medicine. After a while, they don’t taste too bad. By the end of my first bowl, it tasted like sweet blueberry mint toothpaste. It also reminded me of club soda. This will probably not be my favorites but the tasted wasn’t too awful.

Ursula – $10.99USD

Ursula funko cereal box
funko cereal ursula toy

I got this through Spirit Halloween pre-order.

While the cereal wasn’t tasty I really liked the pocket pop! As you can see in the photo, it’s really detailed and well painted. I love how her tentacles are open and separated instead of tucking them all together and hiding them.

Oogie Boogie – $10.99USD

Oogie Boogie FunkO Cereal

I pre-ordered this FunkO cereal from Spirit Halloween. It’s how I was introduced to FunkO cereal.

Unfortunately I had already placed my order by the time I realized that many of these cereals can be found at a discounted price if they’re not a high demand character. I paid full price plus shipping for this. And yes, the pocket pop glows in the dark!

It tasted similar to the Slimer cereal.

Sonic – $5.99USD

sonic funko cereal
funko cereal sonic toy

I don’t know why I thought these would be delicious. I got real excited even though all the other cereals I tried weren’t good. This one wasn’t any better

I was happy with my pocket pop though. I also thought the box was really cute!

Vault Boy – $7.99USD

vault boy funko cereal
vault boy funko toy

When I bought this, at the time I was just looking to expand my collection. I never played Fallout but I know enough to recognize Vault Boy.

Since the only difference between the cereals is the food coloring dye, this cereal didn’t taste that different. Maybe less bitter than all the other darker colors like the ones above.

Nuka Girl – $7.99USD

nuka girl funko cereal
nuka girl funko toy

I know nothing about Nuka Girl or her role in Fallout but I bought this box to add to my collection.

I’m not sure why, maybe because of the brown box, I was excited to try this cereal because I thought it was chocolate flavor. I thought, “no way they can mess this up”. I was disappointed. Of course, the red food dye made the cereal bitter.

At least the pocket pop was awesome quality. I was impressed that her head was incased in a clear helmet instead of all of it being infused together or having the helmet filled. You can tell the helmet is separate from the head.

Scooby Doo – $5.00USD

scooby doo funko cereal
scooby doo funko toy

Oh yes! By the time I found this box, I had given up on collecting the FunkO Cereal. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on a product that I’m only using half of.

I found this at a discount at Boxlunch, a new pop culture shop filled with anime, kpop, dc/marvel, Disney, cartoon and other random nerdy things. As an old fan of Scooby Doo, I had to buy it!

Maybe because it had been months since i last had the Super Conan cereal but this tasted similar to it and yet I didn’t like it. I looked at the ingredients and nutrition facts a for both and they’re exactly the same. So maybe the Super Conan cereal wasn’t that good after all and I was just excited by my new collectible.

Cheer Bear – $5.00USD

care bear cheer bear funko cereal
cheer bear funko toy

I remember the Care Bear collections! I always wanted to collect all the plushies but my parents would never spend that kind of money on stuffed animals. Also, they were so big! I’ve seen other collector’s collections and these take up too space.

This pocket pop was too cute! Who can say no to a rainbow! I found this at Boxlunch for $5USD and since I was already buying Scooby Doo and the Appa FunkO cereal, I bought it. Oh well. Don’t let the pink cereal full you though; it doesn’t taste any better than the others.

Appa – $5.00USD

avatar appa funko cereal
avatar appa funko toy

I had to have this FunkO cereal! I mean, it’s Appa! I really didn’t want to make my collection bigger but there I was in Boxlunch already holding the Scooby Doo FunkO cereal. I gave in and bought this box too.

To be honest the discounted price of $5USD made me give in. If it was higher, I probably wouldn’t have bought these!

One thing, maybe it’s because Appa is big and chunky but this pocket pop was slightly bigger than all the other ones. It was taller, wider and longer.

Miguel – $5.00USD

disney coco miguel funko cereal
disney's coco miguel funko toy

This FunkO cereal and pocket pop were real cute and that’s why I bought it. Love the Dia de los Muertos calaveras.

This was also $5USD at Boxlunch and I was already buying 3 other boxes so 1 more wouldn’t hurt. In total, I spent $20USD plus taxes for 4 FunkO cereal which is a steal!

This tasted like the Super Conan and Scooby Doo cereal.

Will I continue my collection? Nope!

Maybe if I found a favorite character, I’d buy a box at a discounted price, but I have zero pans to continue collecting these anymore. Initially I had the intention of having a large FunkO cereal collection but I have thus far (7 months) have decided to stop collecting this. Personally I’m not a figure kind of person and paying between $11USD – $15USD (initial store price) for a box of bad cereal only to keep the mini toy inside and pretty box, isn’t worth it to me. I rather collect something else.

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