FunkO Cereal: Super Conan!

This was my 2nd FunkO cereal to try!

I was actually pretty excited about trying these because when I bought them at Game Stop, the clerk there raved about how this FunkO cereal was his favorite. He said that the taste was one of the best from the series.

I love that the maze on the back is Conan’s head!

While I don’t watch the talk show Conan, I did see a few episodes so I know who Conan is and what he does. I thought the pocket pop was really cute. I’m happy to add it to my new collection.

You can learn more about the start of the FunkO’s Cereal at the Funko website.

Look at the cute Super Conan pocket pop!

PRICE – $9.99USD at Game Stop
I unfortunately bought this one for $9.99USD but it’s currently discounted to $7.99USD! Really wish I had waited but I thought that was the lowest price I could get this box for.

While the texture of the cereal may not be so great, the Super Conan cereal is really good. The loops have a citrusy wheat taste. It tastes sweet and fruity like Trix cereal. If the price was lower, I could see myself buying this again to eat the cereal. 

Left: The syrup covering the cereal made it all stick together. Right: This was after I broke it all up!

You get 7oz (198g). It’s enough to have 3 small bowls of cereal.

The texture can best be described as “Captain Crunch” texture. You should definitely let the cereal soak for a little bit so it softens because it’s rather rough to eat. As I neared the end of my first bowl my mouth and tongue started to get irritated. As you can see in the photo below, the cereal is covered in some kind of syrup which made it very sticky and tough to eat.

Would I buy it again? Maybe.

I enjoyed the taste but not so much the price and texture. Maybe if the box was $4USD, a price closer to regular cereal prices, I would consider buying the box again just to have the cereal more often.

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