Bolts / Erector Meccano $1 Model Kits!

Whether you know them as Bolts or Erector, you’ve probably seen these mini “nuts & bolts” model kits in random stores. While you may find them online as well, the most common and best location in the U.S, I’ve found these is at Dollar Tree.

I can tell these model kits are gaining more popularity because before they were hard to find. If one case was in stock, once it ran out, it would be over a year before I could find them again. However, since late 2019, I’ve seen these in every Dollar Tree I’ve gone to. I can understand why. $1 model kits, who wouldn’t take interest?

To find these, you can try checking your local dollar store if you don’t have a Dollar Tree in your area. If you don’t mind having extras or even sharing with some friends or donating them to a school, you can order an entire case for $24USD from Dollar Tree.

In the meantime, check out my review for the Bolts / Erector collection:


This was one of the difficult ones to build because of how many parts overlapped. Definitely a kit children might need help putting together.

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Race Car

This is probably one of the most asthetically pleasing out of all the models because it really does look like a race car. On top of that, it has wheels that turn so it can be used like a normal toy car.

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It looks like a biplane but does it work like one? This was one of the disappointing kits because it would’ve been a lot cooler with wheels like the regular plane!

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In terms of looks, not my favorite but the wheels turn so if you buy this for your kids, they can use it like any other toy car.

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Doesn’t look much like a bulldozer but it makes a great toy car and the handle in front has lifting action. This is one of my favorite kits to build.

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While it doesn’t do much like the other models, at least it looks like a helicopter!

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