The Bolts Meccano Biplane: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano Biplane: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano Biplane is the 3rd kit I bought at the Dollar Tree.

If you’re interested in reading about the other Bolt Meccano Kits I’ve built, read my review post about Bolts / Erector Meccano $1 Model Kits! This collection includes models for a race car, a helicopter, a regular plane, a regular car and a bulldozer!

bolts meccano biplane kit

If you don’t have a Dollar Tree near you, it could cost you more than buying it in-store. You can order a 24 kit case from Dollar Tree online or you can find it in websites like Amazon but for a much higher price. You can always do a quick search on the Meccano website for other kits but it doesn’t seem like they sell the Bolts kits.


I bought this for $1USD at Dollar Tree.

bolts meccano biplane pieces

The box says this kit brings 27 pieces total plus the tools needed to build the plane.


Unlike the plane, this kit doesn’t have rolling wheels. I think that was my main disappointment. You can always attempt to add your own wheels by using things like washers. 


Compared to the plane kit, this one was challenging to me. The diagram isn’t step-by-step so it can be difficult to work through certain parts. For this one, I advice you start from the front to the back and from the bottom to the top of the plane.

bolts meccano biplane
Would I buy more of these? Yes.

Thus far, I’m only missing the bulldozer, the car and the helicopter. These mini kits are actually pretty cute and I’m starting to wish there were more in different designs. I could imagine these as mini houses, battle robots, trains and many more things.

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