Bolts Meccano Kit: Car!

Bolts Meccano Kit: Car!

If you’re interested in reading about the other Bolt Meccano Kits I’ve built, read my review post about Bolts / Erector Meccano $1 Model Kits! This collection includes models for a race car, a helicopter, a regular plane, a biplane and a bulldozer!

At first I didn’t want to get this kit because it felt a repetitive kit for me after building the race car kit. I bought it because the price wasn’t bad for completing the Bolts / Erector collection.

The Meccano website doesn’t carry these mini bolt kits but you can find other more complex kits made by their brand. You can find these mini bolt toys in other websites like Ebay and Amazon for a very high price. I would stick with Dollar Tree considering how cheap it is.

If you have trouble finding these through the “Bolts” name, these are also called “Erector” by Meccano.

The kit cost me $1USD plus taxes at Dollar Tree.

The box says this kit brings 30 pieces total plus the tools needed to build the plane. I counted 32 pieces plus the tools so you will have 2 pieces extra.

This was a good quality kit. No pieces missing. No scratches. Well made. The wheel actually turn so kids can play with the toy after building it.

Maybe I’ve grown used to building kits but building this car was very easy. The instructions were easy for me to follow.

For $1USD, it’s amazing. It may look simple but a child might find it challenging and entertaining.


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