The Bolts Meccano Bulldozer: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano Bulldozer: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano bulldozer is the 4th kit I bought at the Dollar Tree dollar store. Be sure to check out my other Bolts Meccano Kits reviews!

Something I found interesting recently is that these same brand kits can be found under a different name. These are the exact same kits but you can also find them under Erector by Meccano. It seems Bolts is an older name.

bolts meccano bulldozer kit

The Meccano website has other kits available but refer you to make the purchase through Amazon, Walmart or Target. It doesn’t seem like these specific Bolts or mini Erector kits aren’t offered in stores other than Dollar Tree. They are sold online however, though websites like Amazon and Ebay but cost far more than I would recommend anyone looking to buy them, especially when Dollar Tree offers these kits for $1USD per kit. In fact, I think it’s more cost effective to buy the 24 kit package online at the Dollar Tree website for $24USD plus taxes and/or shipping. You could keep the kits you want and give away the rest.


I bought this store for $1USD plus taxes.

bolts meccano bulldozer pieces

The box says this kit brings 36 pieces total plus the tools needed to build the plane. I counted 28 pieces plus the tools so you will have 2 pieces extra.


It was good quality like the other kits. One thing I found hard to appreciate was the bulldozer blade is left loose, probably for kids to have some load and lift play action, but I would it preferred it a bit sturdier.


This kit was easy for me. I think it would be real easy for kids as well.

bolts meccano bulldozer
Would I buy this again? Yes.

I wish there were more like this Bolts Meccano bulldozer kit with a movable part. A claw truck or excavator would’ve been real neat to build.

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