The Bolts Meccano Helicopter: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano Helicopter: $1 Mini Model Kit!

The Bolts Meccano Helicopter is the last of the mini model kits by Meccano.

Bolts is an older but common name. You can now find them by the name Erector.

Bolts Meccano helicopter kit

You can search on the Meccano website for other kits but it doesn’t seem like they sell the Bolts kits. Funny enough, when I did a search for “bolts meccano”, Dollar Tree showed up, among a bunch of other places you can purchase the kits. Some have the kits for crazy high prices, for example on Ebay & Amazon, the 6 kit set can cost up $20USD or more but you can get a 24 kits case with the 6 kit variety online at the Dollar Tree website for $24USD plus taxes and/or shipping. At that price, it makes a great party favor or for a kids science play date.

You can find this kit at Dollar Tree for $1USD plus taxes.

bolts meccano helicopter pieces

The box says this kit has 27 pieces plus the tools but it comes with a few extra pieces just in case you look a piece.


The pieces were good quality; they’re like any other nuts and bolts you would find at a hardware store. The quality of the model is decent; simple design but can be challenging to put certain parts together.


For me, this was one of the easier models but to be fair, I had already built all the other models prior to this one and got used to putting the pieces together. 

bolts meccano helicopter
Would I buy these again? Yes

I would buy this Bolts Meccano helicopter and all the other Bolts kits again but only for a kids activity play date or to donate. The Meccano website has other bigger and more complicated model kits, if you’re interested in diving deep into the brand. At the present moment I’m very happy with finishing this small collection.

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