Bolts Meccano Kit: Helicopter!

Bolts Meccano Kit: Helicopter!

The last of the Bolts (Erector) Meccano Kits is the Helicopter.

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You can always do a quick search on the Meccano website for other kits but it doesn’t seem like they sell the Bolts kits. Funny enough, when I did a search for “bolts meccano”, Dollar Tree showed up, among a bunch of other places you can purchase the kits. Some have the kits for crazy high prices, for example on Ebay & Amazon, the 6 kit set can cost up $20USD or more but you can get a 24 kits case with the 6 kit variety online at the Dollar Tree website for $24USD plus taxes and/or shipping. At that price, it makes a great party favor or for a kids science play date.

You can find this kit at Dollar Tree for $1USD plus taxes.

The box says this kit has 27 pieces plus the tools but it comes with a few extra pieces just in case you look a piece.

The pieces were good quality; they’re like any other nuts and bolts you would find at a hardware store. The quality of the model is decent; simple design but can be challenging to put certain parts together.

For me, this was one of the easier models but to be fair, I had already built all the other models prior to this one and got used to putting the pieces together. 

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