MyMo Cool Peppermint Mochi Ice Cream!

MyMo Cool Peppermint Mochi Ice Cream!

Just in time for winter, I found the MyMo cool peppermint mochi ice cream flavor. I had to have it!

screenshot of MyMo Cool Peppermint mochi ice cream
Screenshot from the MyMo Mochi website.

I’m a huge mochi ice cream lover, so be sure to read my other posts about MyMo brand Mochi flavors.

I found this cool peppermint mochi by chance at Walmart. I wasn’t even looking for ice cream. Funny thing is, I don’t really like mint flavor ice cream but I love peppermint; maybe it’s because peppermint is slightly sweeter than mint to me.

mymo cool peppermint mochi ice cream
You can see the red minty bits in the ice cream!

It tastes how you’d imagine it would, like a candy cane. I personally think it needed more peppermint but the flavor is as it is described. I really enjoyed the bits of mint inside the ice cream; it was quite the surprise.


I bought this for $5.49 plus taxes, for 6 pieces at Metro Market.

nutrition facts & ingredients

You can find ingredients list and nutritional facts on the My/Mo mochi website, as well as any allergy information. 

Would I buy it again? Probably.

I like the peppermint flavor and would consider buying it again around winter time. However, I’ve had many other My/Mo flavors and this one is not on the top 3, unfortunately. I hope My/Mo tries making another Christmas-y flavor, maybe something like gingerbread.

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