ZHE GAO New Year’s Figures: QL0953

ZHE GAO New Year’s Figures: QL0953

Kicking off the new year, I decided to make a post about the new ZHE GAO New Year’s Figures I found on AliExpress. While they may not be the most visually appealing block figures I’ve bought, I love adding more to my collection and I really wanted the 4th figure of the animal.

Zhe Gao Chinese New Years lego block figures

I know very little about Chinese New Year’s; nothing indepth about the culture. I did a quick search online to find out what the other 3 figures were because I didn’t have the slightest clue. I found on ChinaSimplified.com that there are 3 deities: the Kitchen God, the Door God and the Wealth God. The most commonly known is the Wealth God, even by foreigners and non-Chinese citizens. I assumed the animal figure was a rat given that this is the Chinese year of the metal rat.


I ordered this as part of a set of 4 for $15.30USD on AliExpress during the New Year discount sale.

Lego Compatibility

Yes, these are compatible with Lego.

Zhe Gao god of wealth lego block figures
QL0953-1 – 财神 (CáiShén)

Because of all the red and yellow, especially all the tan circle blocks, I assumed this was “the god of wealth” 财神 (CáiShén). The images that popped up during my search looked a lot like this figure.

Zhe Gao Chinese New Years block figure
QL0953-2 – 灶君 (ZàoJūn)

I believe this is “the Kitchen God” 灶君 (ZàoJūn). Definitely one of the simplest and less decorated designs among the 3 deities. As you can see, the dark green and black blend together slightly.

Zhe Gao Men Shen lego block figure
QL0953-3 – 门神 (MénShén)

Because this figure is holding a staff, I assumed it was “the Door God” 门神 (MénShén). I would say this is one of the figures that stands out the most because of the staff and colors.

QL0953-4 – Chinese New Year Rat

This figure, the Chinese New Year rat, was the one I was looking forward to building the most because it looked more like a Brickhead and not just a random design. It’s easy to hold and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart.

There was nothing special about the deity figures in my opinion, other than who they represent in Chinese culture. I didn’t realize how the heads of the deities were practically empty from the back side as you can see from the multi-shot photos above. I was thoroughly confused why there was so much missing from the build, until I realized, “this is how it’s supposed to be, huh”. It was a bit disappointing.

My favorite of course, was the rat figure because it looks more like an action figure Brickhead. I think the deity figures would’ve looked better if they were modeled after the square Brickhead shape as well. Alas, they still make this set feel complete.

NOTE: Please feel free to correct me if any of the deities I labelled the figures with is wrong.

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