QL0953-1: ZHE GAO New Year Figure!

Out of the ZHE GAO New Year Figures set, this is the first one.

If you’re not familiar with Chinese New Year symbolic personas, I did a quick search online and discovered that this figure is of “the god of wealth” 财神 (CáiShén). Any talk or wish about money during Chinese New Year, you probably know who this is, regardless of you living outside of China.

There’s nothing necessarily special about this figure other than who it represents and the fact that it’s another block model kit. When I bought it, I didn’t realize how the heads are practically empty from the back side as you can see from the multi-shot pic below. I was thoroughly confused why there was so much missing from the build, until I realized, “this is how it’s supposed to be, huh”. It was a bit disappointing.

As I put the model together, it didn’t feel like there was anything that stood out about the figure other than the small stack of gold in both hands and the hat. I was sure that everything else about the build was going to be similar with the rest of the deity figures.

I ordered this as part of a set of 4 for $15.30USD.

I bought this on AliExpress during the New Year discount sale.

I have yet to verify if the pieces are compatible with Lego pieces but given their size, I’m almost positive that they are. Stay Tuned! I will update as soon as I verify this.


Personally, if I could forego the deity models, I would but the only way to get the Chinese New Year rat, was to order the entire set. However, the build was interesting and it’s a decent buy if you want to include it in your block/Lego collection. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I was disappointed but more or less, I felt unsatistied.

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