QL0953-2: ZHE GAO New Year Figure!

Make sure to read on the other ZHE GAO New Year Figures!

This is the second figure out of the set. After a searching the internet I found on China Simplified that this figure might be the “the Kitchen God” 灶君 (ZàoJūn). Not one of the common Chinese deities internationally. This deity symbolizes the health and protection of the home.

Out of all the figures, I would say this was one of the simplest to build. The build is exactly the same as the first figure except for the hat and the items on it’s hands.

I ordered this as part of a set of 4 for $15.30USD.

I bought this on AliExpress during the New Year discount sale.

Stay Tuned! I will update after I verify if these are compatible with Lego pieces.

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