QL0953-4: ZHE GAO New Year Figure!

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This is the last figure in the set and it’s actually the reason why I bought the set in the first place. None of the figures came with names; only product numbers. My guess is that this is the Chinese Zodiac rat because 2020 is the year of the metal rat.

front view of rat block figure

I tried finding a way to order this figure by itself but only found it available as part of a set. It’s not that the deities weren’t fun to put together, I just wasn’t as interested in them as I was in this figure. This was cute and much closet to a “brickhead”.

side and back view of rat block figure

The set was $15.30 USD for 4 figures.

I got the set from AliExpress during their new year’s sale promotion.

I’m not sure if these are compatible with Lego’s. They look like they would be but I have yet to check. I’ll update when I do.

block pieces on instruction sheet

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