Dragon Ball Z: Cute Doll Block Figures!

Dragon Ball Z: Cute Doll Block Figures!

As a fan of Dragon Ball Z series, I had to get these Cute Doll block figures no matter what! These were fun to build and display.

Dragon Ball Z lego block figures

The price was great compared to Lego Brickheadz. I bought these as a set of 12 for $43USD = about $3.58USD each figure, not including taxes.

where I bought them

I bought these on AliExpress during a sale.

dragon ball z lego block characters
design & size

Something I don’t like about Lego Brickheadz is how basic all the designs are. These however vary in design, all the way down to the base. My only critique would be that I wished the figures were smaller. I’ve been collecting LOZ brand blocks for years and I really love that the figures are small. These CUTE DOLL brand figures are the same size as Lego Brickheadz.


These blocks are compatible with Lego blocks.

master roshi Cute Doll block toy

My favorite part of building this figure? The turtle shell on the back and Master Roshi’s bald head!

lego block figure of frieza
FRIEZA – 6824

I’m glad it came with a curvy tail and red eyes! It’s impressive how it looks a lot like Frieza even though it’s a bit “cube” like.

DBZ Cute Doll block toy of super Saiyan goku

All the hair speaks for itself. It’s pretty cool that this could be made with blocks! Could you imagine what Super Saiyan 3 would look like?

DBZ Cute Doll block figure of bulma
BULMA – 6826

This may sound funny but my favorite part of this figure is Bulma’s bows and dragon radar!

block figure of cell from dragon ball z
CELL – 6827

I love the detail in Cell’s figure. Especially the tail and wings on the back!

block figure of Trunks from dragon ball z
TRUNKS – 6828

Trunks has always been an awesome character in the DBZ series so I’m glad he was included in the set. My favorite part was building the sword. Reminded me when he and Goku first met as Super Saiyan’s on Earth when Goku finally returned after Namek’s destruction.

DBZ Cute Doll block figure of Vegeta
VEGETA – 6829

Along with Piccolo’s figure, this is probably one of my other most favorite figures to build in this set. I loved the detail that went into the hair, the shoulder pads and the scouter.

DBZ Cute Doll block toy of majin buu
MAJIN BUU – 6830

Majin Buu is one of my all time favorite villains. My only complaint with this design is that I wish he was rounder and fatter, and less square and block-y, especially the body.

DBZ Cute Doll block toy of goku
SON GOKU – 6831

Again, the hair is the most impressive part of any Saiyan block design. It’s hard to capture that spikey hair well in my opinion and this looks awesome.

lego block figure of android 18
ANDROID 18 – 6832

This was very simple and straight forward. My only wish was that Android 17 was included to complete the pair!

DBZ Cute Doll block toy of piccolo
PICCOLO – 6833

Piccolo is one of my top favorite characters so I’m a little biased. I really enjoyed building this figure.

lego block toy of krillin
KRILLIN – 6834

While building Krillin was very simple, I’m glad they at least included him since I really wanted Android 17 with Android 18. It’s fine, she has Krillin; I’ll settle for that!

While I was bummed that other characters weren’t part of the set, like Gohan and Beerus, for the price and the details, this was an amazing set I was happy to get my hands on!

My yumdroplets rating of the DBZ Cute Doll set


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