Vanilla Blueberry My Mochi Ice Cream: A Refreshing Combination!

Vanilla Blueberry My Mochi Ice Cream: A Refreshing Combination!

Last Updated on 2022/03/23

When I found these vanilla blueberry My Mochi Ice Cream, I was reluctant because the flavor seemed…so…simple.

vanilla blueberry my mochi ice cream

As you can see MyMo Mochi has rebranded to My Mochi Ice Cream. But whether you still call it MyMo or My Mochi, it’s still the same yummy product so don’t fret when you see the different box designs and logo.

vanilla blueberry my mochi ice cream box

I gave in and bought these vanilla blueberry mochi because I was really curious what they tasted like.


I got this at Target! I’m sure you can find it by doing a quick Google search.


I bought these for $4.99USD. This seems to be the standard price for My Mochi ice cream products at target.

vanilla blueberry my mochi ice cream

Impressive that such basic flavors could be so delicious. This vanilla blueberry My Mochi ice cream has to be one of my top favorite flavors. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° I’m glad that the vanilla is vanilla bean and not just regular vanilla ice cream. The vanilla bean tastes so crisp and fresh. The blueberry was a surprising addition because it tasted like a blueberry compote jelly and not just blueberry flavored syrup. It really makes a huge difference when you can taste real ingredients and not just extracts or artificial flavoring.

vanilla blueberry my mochi nutrition
nutrition facts & ingredients

I really appreciate very small details especially when it comes to the flavor of food and the ingredients.

If you look, the coloring for the blueberry filling is natural and not artificial. They use purple carrot juice; I imagine that the blueberries didn’t make the filling look as blue as they wanted it.

You can learn more on their website about their other products!

would i buy this again? Yes!

I enjoyed this My Mochi so I would definitely buy it again. This made a very “clean” and refreshing dessert after dinner for me. Compared to all other My Mochi products I’ve tried, I ate these super fast; that’s how much I enjoyed it.

My Mochi Vanilla Blueberry Ice Cream
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