Japanese Mini Jigsaw Puzzles: 150 Pieces of Magic!

Japanese Mini Jigsaw Puzzles: 150 Pieces of Magic!

More like 150 pieces of magic or less. Not all the puzzles I bought were 150 pieces; 2 of them were 126 pieces, but still full of magic.

While I was in Japan, I bought several miniature jigsaw puzzles. If you thought puzzles were boring before, Japan offers an extensive variety of puzzles with different images, made in different sizes and materials. There’s no way you wouldn’t want to buy at least one!

I picked out anime related puzzles; Studio Ghibli movies being one of my favorite puzzle images. Aside from anime, there are many other images to choose from like Disney themed and other miscellaneous images for puzzles.

Below is a small list of the puzzles I bought!

Spirited Away Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a regular 150 piece cardboard puzzle except that the pieces are smaller than a dime.

One Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Like the one above, this is a regular 150 piece cardboard puzzle, but the finished image for this one looks better for some reason.

Dragon Ball Z Jigsaw Puzzle

This is my favorite jigsaw puzzle on this list! The pieces are incredibly tiny; about the size of a lentil. It comes with a canvas display. At first I thought the price was a bit much but now I wish I bought more.

Ponyo Art Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is so cute! It’s literally like a mosaic and painted glass. It’s transparent and soft.

Cat Bus Art Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle

Even if you’ve never seen My Neighbor Totoro, you probably still know about Catbus. It’s one of the most popular character in the movie. This puzzle is also transparent and soft.

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