Mini Japanese Puzzles: 150 Pieces of Magic, Studio Ghibli & Anime!

Mini Japanese Puzzles: 150 Pieces of Magic, Studio Ghibli & Anime!

More like 150 pieces of magic or less. Not all these mini Japanese puzzles I bought were 150 pieces; 2 of them were 126 pieces, but still full of magic.

While I was in Japan, I bought several miniature jigsaw puzzles. If you thought puzzles were boring before, Japan offers an extensive variety of puzzles with different images, made in different sizes and materials. There’s no way you wouldn’t want to buy at least one!

I picked out anime related puzzles; Studio Ghibli movies being one of my favorite puzzle images. Aside from anime, there are many other images to choose from like Disney themed and other miscellaneous images for puzzles.

Below is a small list of the puzzles I bought!

about ensky brand

Ensky brand is a Japanese brand known for collectible and novelty toys. You can find out more on their Japanese website!

about ensky brand
Studio Ghibli Poster collection

Aside for the Ghibli prints, these Poster Collection mini Japanese puzzles are normal mini puzzles. The images printed are of film poster and they’re simply printed on regular puzzle cardboard. Each piece is about 1cm long and puzzles tend to be 10cm x 14.7cm.

Spirited Away Studio Ghibli Poster collection mini Japanese puzzles

Spirited Away Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a regular 150 piece cardboard puzzle except that the pieces are smaller than a dime.

art crystal jigsaw puzzles

Art Crystal puzzles vary in sizes. I have the smallest they make. What makes these puzzles different is that they’re printed on some kind of soft transparent sheet. It’s tough enough to keep it’s shape and is smooth, so it feels soft to the touch unlike the grainy feel of cardboard/paper puzzles. The pieces lock together so you can hold it in your hand or display it on the wall but if you want to make sure you don’t lose pieces, you should frame it. The good thing about these interlocking pieces is that you wouldn’t need to glue the pieces together.

Ponyo Art Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle is so cute! It’s literally like a mosaic and painted glass. It’s transparent and soft.

ponyo artcrystal jigsaw mini Japanese puzzles

Cat Bus Art Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle

Even if you’ve never seen My Neighbor Totoro, you probably still know about Catbus. It’s one of the most popular character in the movie. This puzzle is also transparent and soft.

totoro catbus artcrystal mini Japanese puzzles
(まめパズル) “Bean” Puzzles

I’m not really sure why theyre called “bean” puzzles but that’s what the word “mame” in Japanese translates to. These puzzles are made of some kind of white acrylic sheet, I’m not sure what kind of material (PVC, etc). The pieces are incredibly small, are waterproof and come with a “canvas” display stand and “photo” frame. Honestly it’s very cute and satisfying when finished.

While 150 pieces may not seem as much of a challenge, because it’s a “big” and detailed image, printed on such a small surface, it actually takes some time to put the pieces together.

Dragon Ball Z Bean mini Japanese puzzles

Dragon Ball Z Acrylic Puzzle
(ゴーゴーパラダイス) Go Go Paradise

This is my favorite jigsaw puzzle on this list! The pieces are incredibly tiny; about the size of a lentil. It comes with a canvas display. At first I thought the price was a bit much but now I wish I bought more.

You can find it on the Ensky website!

(九州限定) Kyushu Limited

I’m not sure what Kyushu Limited means and I couldn’t find anything in English. I had to look up “九州限定パズル” to get a good result on Google. I assume it has something to do with the images or art done by a specific individual; I couldn’t find anything except for these puzzles.

The puzzles are exactly like the Studio Ghibli Poster Collection puzzles. They’re made of the normal puzzle cardboard and they’re 10cm x 14.7cm.

One Piece mini Japanese puzzles

One Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Like the one above, this is a regular 150 piece cardboard puzzle, but the finished image for this one looks better for some reason.

I look forward to buying more mini puzzles!

My favorites out of this list of mini Japanese puzzles are the bean puzzles and art crystal puzzles. I will update if I ever get my hands on new ones!

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