Mixing Things Up with New Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duo!

Mixing Things Up with New Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duo!

What genius idea is this? I’m very excited to try the new Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Duo!

mint dark chocolate kit kat duo

The most interesting things in life happen through duality! Maybe I watch too many cooking shows but some of the best flavors come from the mixing of 2 opposite flavors. For example, sweet and sour, spicy and citrusy, etc. Mint chocolate is a beloved classic. One of which I unfortunately must say is not one of my favorites. Of course, I don’t mind the flavor but it’s not something I enjoy eating often. So when I first saw this Mint Dark Chocolate Kit Kat, I bought it and left it in my fridge for so long, I forgot about it.


I found this at Walmart in the check out isle. Unfortunately, only saw the King Size available.


This cost me $1.48USD.

mint dark chocolate kit kat duo bar

As soon as I opened it, the strong smell of mint and chocolate smacked my face! When I finally tasted a piece I was pleasantly surprised by how the mint and the chocolate worked together really well; one didn’t over power the other flavor. I could clearly taste both the mint and chocolate separate from each other BUT also, I could taste the unique flavor they made together. I was thoroughly impressed. When dealing with dualities in food, one of the big problems is keeping both flavors separate while also creating a new flavor and this was perfect. I actually really liked this flavor!

mint dark chocolate kit kat duo nutrition facts & ingredients
nutrition facts & ingredients

For those with special diets or allergies, here are the nutrition facts and the ingredients. I’m happy to see that there isn’t a lot of artificial ingredients added to this Kit Kat.

my yumdroplets rating


Would I buy this again? Definitely!

This mint dark chocolate Kit Kat Duo was a treat I enjoyed so I would enjoy having it a few more times. I’m actually looking forward to new Kit Kat Duo flavors! I would suggest, maybe a chili mango? Now that would be very interesting! Or perhaps a neapolitan? Or a smores flavor?

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