Introducing New Thrilling Birthday Cake Kit Kat Flavor!

Introducing New Thrilling Birthday Cake Kit Kat Flavor!

During this pandemic, I’ve been buying a lot of comfort snacks and the outmost essentials so when I found this new Birthday Cake Kit Kat flavor, it was like a mini surprise! Keep in eye on the Hershey’s website for new flavors!

birthday cake kit kat flavor

I’m not a huge fan of birthday cake flavor mainly because it never really tastes like a cake. Birthday cake flavored snacks usually turn out to be an extremely sweet product with sprinkles. Not that making something cake flavored is easy; if I want something cake flavored then I’d simply eat cake. However, I was still excited to try this Kit Kat even with the expectation that it would probably taste nothing like a cake.


I found this on the check out isles of Walmart but I’m sure it’s available at any store.


I bought this for 88 US CENTS.

birthday cake kit kat bar

I won’t lie, this Birthday Cake Kit Kat is not one of my top favorites. It’s not bad but out of all the flavors I’ve tasted it didn’t compare to the ones I’ve enjoyed most. The sprinkles didn’t add anything to the actual flavor but it did give the wafer bar that birthday cake look. I’m actually glad that this wasn’t overbearingly sweet. In fact, to me it tasted like a plain vanilla frosting with sprinkles.

birthday cake kit kat nutrition facts ingredients
Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

You can find the nutrition facts and ingredients on the image on the left. It’s pretty straight forward.

Would I buy this again? Meh, not really.

I wanted to try it and I did. It was a good taste test but it’s not a snack I’d have regularly. I don’t eat candy or chocolate often enough anyway. I’m more of a pastry kind of person. With that said, if someone offered it to me, I wouldn’t mind having it again. I’ve made those cakes with the Kit Kat border around it before and with this Birthday Cake Kit Kat, I think would add a decorative touch!

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