Finally! Exciting New Apple Pie Kit Kat Flavor in the US!

Finally! Exciting New Apple Pie Kit Kat Flavor in the US!

I’m so happy that we’re finally getting exciting new Kit Kat flavors in the U.S! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ This year, we got the Apple Pie Kit Kat. I was very skeptical at first but I was still excited! I had to try it.

limited edition apple pie kit kat

After traveling through several Asian countries last year, it was insane to see the variety of flavors for snacks, especially chocolate. I’ve always known this, but seeing it and having access to the products is a whole other feeling. In the U.S, we only get common flavors and even then, you’d think they would’ve put out a caramel Kit Kat or a peanut butter Kit Kat by now. I’m still surprised we got Mint Chocolate Duo Kit Kat and Birthday Cake Kit Kat! If we get anything else, it’s a miracle or very limited and seasonal.


I’m sure you can find the apple pie Kit Kat anywhere by now but I bought my first one at Walmart!


This single bar cost me 88 US CENTS.

apple pie kit kat bar

I was pleasantly surprised how good this tasted. It has a strong cinnamon flavor with a hint of cooked caramel and with the white chocolate, there’s that creamy milk bit like the whipped cream or ice cream you’d add to apple pie.

At the first try, the apple pie Kit Kat doesn’t really taste like apple pie exactly; nor was I expecting it to be. If I wanted something to taste exactly like something else, I’d simply buy the desired product, in this case, apple pie! However, when you taste the Kit Kat several times, it has almost all the elements of apple pie. Whether you’re a hard critic or just looking for a new treat, I have to admit, this is one of the best new Kit Kat flavors they’ve made in the U.S, so far. I loved it so much, I bought it 2 more times!

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

You can find this information on the images below! You can also find more info about the Apple Pie Kit Kat on the Hershey’s website!

ingredients & nutrition facts for apple pie kit kat
Would I buy this again? Yup, already did!

I’m really hoping they bring out more new Kit Kat flavors in the U.S. It’s obvious that they could’ve always had different flavors but chose not to. While Americans may still be obtuse about trying oddly flavored snacks, there are plenty flavors Americans would be curious about, like cotton candy, smores, orange creme, coffee, tiramisu, and so many more!

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