A Fun Camping Classic as MyMo S’mores Mochi Ice Cream!

A Fun Camping Classic as MyMo S’mores Mochi Ice Cream!

I feel like S’mores is a flavor that’s a hit or miss. So when I saw the MyMo S’mores mochi ice cream, I was curious about the flavor!

mymo s'mores mochi ice cream

The MyMo S’mores flavor is one of the few I hadn’t tried since my first taste test a few years ago. I wondered how the would pull this flavor combination off. Would they make the ice cream chocolate or marshmallow flavored or would the filling inside be a creamy graham paste or chocolate syrup? There were many different ways for them to go about making this classic camping treat.

If you’ve never had a s’more, it consists of 2 graham cracker, 1 marshmallow and a piece of chocolate. You’re supposed to have it by roasting a marshmallow on a stick over a roaring fire. Then while the marshmallow becomes soft and gooey, you take a graham cracker, put a piece of chocolate over it and with another graham cracker over the marshmallow, place the marshmallow over the chocolate and smooch everything together like a sandwich.

TA DA! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° S’more prep all done! It’s messy to eat with everything pouring out from the edges but that’s part of the fun! Now-a-days it’s common to use a microwave or have s’mores in your ice cream! Saves the trouble of making a mess. ( ^ ∀ ^)ノ~ ♡


I got this at Target!


I was surprised that the MyMo S’mores were only $4.99USD. At other locations, these 6 piece boxes cost more.

mymo s'mores mochi ice cream cut in half

This tasted very much like a s’more! I was very impressed! The dough had a light chocolatey flavor. The ice cream had a cinnamon creamy graham cracker taste. Inside there was a gooey marshmallow center. All the part of the mochi blended well together. The ice cream was so good, I wouldn’t mind buying a pint of it by itself. (╯✧▽✧)╯ I have to admit, these didn’t last very long because I ate them very quickly.

mymo s'mores nutrition ann ingredients
nutrition facts & ingredients

I’m very glad that they used actual chocolate to flavor the mochi because it’s pretty disappointing when the mochi is only dyed a certain color. Also as you can see for the ice cream ingredients, they actually use graham cracker crumbs instead of just making it taste like a graham cracker.

would i buy this again? Yes!

I loved the MyMo S’mores mochi ice cream! I thought the flavors mixed well and I really liked the graham ice cream inside. Even if it doesn’t feel like you’re eating an actual s’more, I thought everything tasted delicious and I would enjoy having this somewhat regularly! The price was great as well!

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