MyMo Banana Chocolate Cream Mochi Ice Cream: A New Version of the Frozen Chocolate Banana Treat!

MyMo Banana Chocolate Cream Mochi Ice Cream: A New Version of the Frozen Chocolate Banana Treat!

I’ve had frozen chocolate bananas before but with my sensitive teeth, I can never truly enjoy the treat. I was excited to see what the MyMo Banana Chocolate Cream mochi ice cream tasted like!

mymo banana chocolate cream mochi ice cream

Let me be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. It seems like a real simple treat but banana is a difficult flavor to pull off. Most banana flavored food are either artificially flavored or half a mix of artificial and natural flavoring, but still manage to make it taste more artificial than natural.

Everyone who’s had artificial banana flavoring knows what that taste is; classic bubblegum flavor. The pink bubblegum! Once you have it you can’t forget it! So when I see anything banana flavored, I’m always reluctant to buy it.

There’s also the matter of the amount of chocolate. A frozen chocolate banana is completely covered in chocolate while this only has a small inner filling. Chocolate is also a very strong flavor, so the mix of chocolate and artificial banana made me anxious.


I got this at Target along with the MyMo S’mores flavor!


These cost only $4.99USD.

mymo banana chocolate cream ice cream mochi

I was plesantly surprised by the creamy banana flavor the ice cream had! It was quite impressive not to have the lingering artificial bubblegum flavor. I havent had many banana flavored ice cream other than a banana split which doesn’t count, but I have to say, thus far this was a pretty good result and for my first taste as well. There was very little chocolate compared to the ice cream but it was a decent amount, I believe. Both the banana and chocolate flavors blended well without overpowering each other. The mochididn’t add anything to the flavor but it did add a marshmallowy texture.

ingredients & nutrition or mymo banana chocolate cream mochi ice cream
nutrition facts & ingredients

I’m so happy that MyMo is so detailed on their ingredients list because you can see why the product tastes the way it does.

As you can see from the ingredients, the banana flavor in the ice cream is made with banana puree and other natural flavors. It’s really interesting how they managed to make the banana flavor strong but yummy. It made me wonder why other banana flavored products don’t try more natural flavoring, for example, some of the banana milk products I’ve had.

You can also find this info on their website,!

Would I buy this again? Sure!

The MyMo Banana Chocolate Cream mochi ice cream was real good. I ate these pretty quickly! If they made a plain banana ice cream pint, that would be real delicious. I would love to have a scoop of the ice cream with some strawberries, graham crackers and honey.

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