The NEW Limited Edition Lady Gaga OREOs: Pink & Green Never Looked So Good Together!

The NEW Limited Edition Lady Gaga OREOs: Pink & Green Never Looked So Good Together!

The Lady Gaga Oreos are finally here!

These pink and green Oreos are hard to miss! With so many new Oreo flavors out on the market, I can imagine it would be hard to come up with something unique!

But hey, can’t forget about aesthetics, am I right! ~(♡ヮ♡~) And these cookies really pop!

lady gaga oreos limited edition

So what are these Limited Edition Lady Gaga Oreos about? Why are they pink and green? And, just why?

Good questions. It’s basically promotional collaboration for Lady Gaga’s new “Chromatica” album with Oreos. You can see more of this with the imprints on the cookie discs.


I found these at Metro Market but I’m sure by now, available in every store, and of course, prices will vary.


These were on sale for 2/$7USD. I only bought 1 packet, since I only wanted to taste them, so I paid regular price of $3.99USD plus taxes. After I bought them, I saw they were $3.49USD at a different store, so really check out different locations for the best deal before purchasing.

chromatica lady gaga oreos

These Lady Gaga Oreos are very eye-catching, even the package makes you want to buy them! It’s so shiny! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° But how do these pink and green Oreos taste?


I was hoping that these would have a special flavor to them. I hoped each dyed part would have a unique taste in their respective colors. I decided to taste each part separately and then have a whole cookie together.

pink and green oreos

Overall it was a pretty regular Oreo cookie, much like the golden Oreos which I suspected would be the chosen flavor; easier to dye. There seemed to be slight double pump of crème or at least each cookie had a little extra than normal amount of crème.

I won’t lie, for a moment there, I suspected that maybe, they would try to pull some outlandish flavor like cherry (pink cookie) and lime (green crème). I don’t think cherry lime would be an odd flavor but I’m skeptical that Oreos would pull it off successfully.

chromatica lady gaga oreos

As you can see, there are 3 special designs on the cookies, while the opposite cookie disc has the regular Oreo logo.

lady gaga oreos nutrition facts
Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

You can find the Nutrition Facts & Ingredients on the images below! You can find more information on the Oreo website!

ingredients for lady gaga oreos
Would I buy this again? No!

Honestly, I would’ve been fine with a snack size container of these cookies but I couldn’t find them anywhere. If you were having a hard time finding snacks for a Kawaii themed party, the Lady Gaga Oreos are here to fulfill that aesthetic!

my yumdroplets rating


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