I Bought The NEW Adorable Krispy Kreme Spring Minis Doughnuts!

I Bought The NEW Adorable Krispy Kreme Spring Minis Doughnuts!

Last Updated on 2022/03/22

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday when I found the new Krispy Kreme Spring Minis Doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme Spring Minis Donuts

Check out the Krispy Kreme website to find availability at a store near you.

You can find locations in Canada listed on their website as well!

krispy kreme spring mini ads

In my review of the Krispy Kreme Dessert Minis, I stated that these minis are about half the size of a regular doughnut.

If you like measuring, I’d say they’re 2 in (5.08 cm) in diameter.


These were 2 for $2.49USD, so about $1.25USD per doughnut. A total of $5USD plus taxes for 4 doughnuts.

DISCLAIMER: Prices may vary per location. Delivery/Pick-Up/Online Order availability may vary per location.

These are AVAILABLE until April 4, 2021.

krispy kreme spring minis donuts description
Krispy Kreme Spring Minis
krispy kreme spring minis blue bird
Blue Bird

I was rather disappointed how it looked. If you compare what it’s advertised and what I got, well I don’t need to explain any further.

I couldn’t tell what this was. At first it reminded me of Perry the Platypus from Phineas & Ferb, but that didn’t make sense. Then I thought it could be a messed up butterfly; eventually I had to look up the donuts online to find out it’s supposed to be a bird.

The doughnut was still delicious; Tasted like a simple, glazed, dipped in icing kind of doughnut.

krispy kreme spring minis flower donut

The doughnut looks simple but it’s actually packed with sugar. It’ll definitely cure any sweet tooth you may have for a long time. Cute to look at, hard to finish eating it.

krispy kreme spring minis bunny bum
Bunny Bum

This is the cutest out of all the Spring Minis. It’s a pretty simple concept perfectly executed. It looks like a bunny diving into a whole in the ground, surrounded by grass.

This doughnut was pretty sweet. The white part which is trademarked as “Kreme” by Krispy Kreme, felt more like straight sugar. If you’ve ever made frosting from scratch, not adding enough liquids or not mixing it enough makes the frosting gritty or grainy; you can feel the sugar bits on your tongue.

This could be an issue with the preparation of the “Kreme” at the Krispy Kreme I shopped at and not with the “Kreme” itself.

krisppy kreme chocolate donut with sprinkles
Chocolate Iced With Spring Sprinkles

This Krispy Kreme Spring Minis is very simple. Nothing more than a classic iced donut. To me, this was the least sweet out of all the donuts and probably the one I enjoyed the most to eat.

Would I buy this again? No.

Compared to the Dessert Minis, these Krispy Kreme Spring Minis were for pure aesthetic. For me they were too sweet for a doughnut with no particular flavor other than a very sugary treat. Nothing wrong with that but I really appreciated the Dessert Minis attempt to create different flavors.

I will say, that Bunny Bum doughnut is super cute and probably something easy to recreate if you want to get creative in the kitchen. Otherwise, you can opt out and buy a few for Easter. The kids, even adults, would love them! (o^-^)o

Krispy Kreme Spring Minis
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