Review: Filipino Butter Cream Crackers Ensaymada Flavor!

Review: Filipino Butter Cream Crackers Ensaymada Flavor!

Last Updated on 2022/03/22

I was so happy to find these Butter Cream Crackers Ensaymada flavor.

butter cream crackers ensaymada

I’ve missed the Philippines for the past year; I should say I’ve missed the pastries I had when I was in Cebu. Aside for the pineapple pie, I really missed the ensaymada buns. it was one of my favorite things to have for breakfast.


These cost me $2.99USD for a packet of 10. Each packet brings 3 long crackers (about 6 ins / 15.24 cm) that can be broken into 3 each (total of 9 smaller crackers).


I bought these at Cermak Fresh Market.

What is ensaymada?

Ensaïmada originated in Mallorca, Spain in the 1700’s a wheat pastry made with flour, eggs, water, lard (saïm) and mother dough (ferment). After over 300 years of Spanish colonization of the Philippines, Filipinos made their own version of the ensaïmada (spelled “ensaymada” in the Philippines) which evolved into the beloved pastry topped with grated cheese. Naturally, if you have another culture forced on you, some of it’s influences will stick around; I believe food is always a positive.

Check out my post, Julies Bakeshop Filipino Pastries to more about Filipino pastries.

butter cream crackers ensaymada pack of 3


These reminded me of the ensaymada buns I had in Cebu. They taste like a cheese cracker but sweet. It may be hard for some to imagine the taste or even consider it delicious but it is. This really has a bold cheese taste like cheddar with the sugar sprinkled on top, adding a little sweetness to it.

If you’re imagining a cheese danish, that’s a bit different from an ensaymada because the cheese flavor isn’t very strong. I would compare this cracker’s taste to the flavor of plain cream cheese on a bagel with a dash of white sugar on top.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts

Below are the ingredients & nutritional facts for a packet of 3 of the Butter Cream Crackers Ensaymada flavor. You can learn more at the Croley Foods website.

butter cream crackers nutrition
Would I buy this again? Maybe.

The package brings a lot of individual packets. I even gave some away to friends to try the crackers and I still had a couple left for myself. While the Butter Cream Crackers Ensaymada flavor are delicious, I’m actually curious about the other flavors by this brand. I saw an ube and flan flavored crackers!

Butter Cream Crackers Ensaymada
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