First Attempt: The EXO’s Oh Sehun Cup Sleeve I Designed!

First Attempt: The EXO’s Oh Sehun Cup Sleeve I Designed!

Last Updated on 2021/09/07

I’m not a professional graphic designer but now-a-days you don’t have to be a “professional” anything to exercise your skills!

sehun cup sleeve wisconsin kpop event

I always wanted to make and design different things; this time I decided to design a Sehun Cup Sleeve for Wisconsin Kpop’s Sehun Birthday Cup Sleeve Event! It was a little nerve wrecking deciding the layering of all the different pieces (the stars, Sehun, the background etc) but I think the finished product turned out great!

I also designed a straw topper with the EXO logo for their debut anniversary. I think it matched the cup sleeve very well.

sehun cup sleeve event photocard
Original Edited Image (left) vs Printed Photocard (right)

Lastly was the photocard, which was very last minute. Above you can see the original edited image (left) versus the printed photocard (right). It’s unfortunate the printing wasn’t quality but I’m still happy with my photo edit.

For my first time, I think my edits and designs turned out amazing!

sehun cup sleeve boba tea
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