I Taste 20 Fun Lays Chips Flavors from Around the World!

I Taste 20 Fun Lays Chips Flavors from Around the World!

For several years now, I’ve been fascinated by Lays Chips flavors made in different countries. Of course, on several occasions, Lays chips has had different flavors in the US, like the never forgotten deliciousness “Guacamole” chips, but it hasn’t been until in recent years that the US Lays Chips have come in new exciting flavors.

lays chips around the world

If you’re here I’m sure you know enough about Lays chips (owned by PepsiCo through Frito-Lay). You can learn more through their website, especially any new products they released.

With all the exciting new Lays chips flavors, there’s so many Lays chips to try. Below is a list of Lays I’ve tried organized by country; I will continue to add new flavors I try, please make sure to stop by for updates! \(^0^)/

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lays salted egg yolk dumpling
Salted Egg Yolk Dumpling (Wu Fang Zhai)

I had an idea of what these Lays would taste since I already tasted the Salted Egg Lays in Bangkok, Thailand. The smell was very strong; sweet & eggy. Upon tasting it, the egg smell was clear with a hint of sweetness & fishiness.

This wasn’t one of my favorite flavors but it wasn’t horrible. For me, the sweetness was the flavor that kept me wanting more. The eggy flavor is definitely an acquired taste.

lays wasabi mustard
Wasabi (Mustard)

The Wasabi Lays was one of my favorite Lays. These smell like regular Lays chips; it’s not obvious (not to me) that they’re wasabi flavored. The chips tastes exactly like wasabi. These aren’t as spicy and the burning sensation is pretty minimum. Although, for other people it may be spicy.

Lays stewed Italian red meat
Stewed Italian Red Meat

When I opened the bag I couldn’t smell anything in particular. To me these Lays didn’t taste like Italian red meat or even just red meat. The flavor was more like beef powder in salsa & onions. It wasn’t a bad flavor but definitely not what I was expecting.

Lays Duck Neck chips
Duck Neck

Finding these really made me laugh. It was an oddly specific flavor. It could’ve been roasted duck flavor or Peking duck flavor, but no, it was duck neck flavor. I’ve had duck meat, Peking duck, duck flavored ramen & turkey neck meat before, so trying these wasn’t strange for me.

These Lays tasted a lot like the duck flavor spice packet from instant ramen. It tasted similar to roasted chicken with a beefy hint.

Lays ridged salted egg shrimp
Ridged Salted Egg & Shrimp

These Salted Egg & Shrimp Lays didn’t have any scent that I could recognize. The flavor is similar to other egg flavored Lays but with a bit of sweetness to it. The chips (to me) were crunchier & thicker than regular Lays; this is probably due to the fact that they were ridged. The crinkles were larger than other crinkled chips. Compared to other egg flavored Lays, these are my favorites.

Lays white rabbit candy chips
White Rabbit

I snatched these up as soon as I saw them. I used to eat White Rabbit candy when I was younger. It was one of the few Asian candies I could get my hands on. The chips tasted salty-sweet and milky. I enjoyed the taste but found that the flavor was lacking; I suppose recreating a specific candy flavor into a chip would be difficult. On the plus side, these chips barely had any lingering after taste.

Lays roasted chicken wing
Roasted Chicken Wing

As soon as I opened the bag I could smell the roasted chicken. The smell & taste actually reminded me of the Roast Chicken Maruchan Ramen. Whether it’s the chicken or roasted chicken flavor, if you grew up with cheap ramen like this brand, you know exactly what I’m talking about & can probably taste it without buying the chips. The chips were good but to me it felt like I was eating that ramen as I ate these chips.

Lays cucumber flavor

This is probably one of my top favorite flavors because I was actually amazed by how much it smelled and tasted like cucumber. As soon as I opened the bag, the smell just smacked me in the face. I had a smile on my face the whole time I ate these because I still can’t imagine how they were able to recreate the taste of cucumbers, a watery-mild-earthy flavor, into a chip.

United States

lays sour cream & onion
Sour Cream & Onion

I’ve had the Sour Cream & Onion Lays too many times. While I don’t snack on them anymore, I still remember their taste. Along with the Barbecue Lays, these were my second favorites growing up.

I believe these chips capture a pretty accurate flavor of sour cream & onion. They have a creamy and oniony hint in every chip. You can feel the flavored powder dust on your fingers.

Lays salt & vinegar
Salt & Vinegar

The Salt & Vinegar Lays are probaby one od my least favorites. When it comes to vinegar, I very particular. I’ve tried white vinegar, rice vinegar & apple vinegar; out of the 3 apple vinegar is my favorite while white vinegar is too sour to me.

These chips are perfect in taste! While I may not like them, they have a strong vinegar taste & a perfect touch of salt. I actually enjoyed the chips until that sour of the vinegar hits my tongue at the end of every bite.

Lays chips crispy taco flavor
Crispy Taco

I wasn’t surprised by these but they tasted very good. They somehow managed to capture the taste of a tortilla on a potato chip which I thought was impressive. The other flavors I could taste were sour cream, cheese, tomato, onions, beef and a hint of spiciness. It tasted similar to what a regular American hard shell taco or nacho tortilla bowl would taste like.


Lays swiss cheese
Swiss Cheese

I loved these Swiss Cheese Lays. Honestly, to me they are much better than the cheddar ones. The cheesy flavor seemed a bit stronger than the cheddar ones. They had a tangy & spicy hint. I wished I had nacho cheese when I bought these because it these would go great like nachos.

Lays samgyeopsal korean grilled pork
Korean Spicy Pork (삼겹살)

I was so excited to find these in Taipei and was also a little confused as to why Korean flavored chips were made in Taiwan. Either way, samgyeopsal (삼겹살) is grilled pork belly so the flavor reminded me a bit of the BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) Lays. I was surprised how much the chips tasted like grilled pork belly; it even had a smoky flavor.


Lays salted egg
Salted Egg

These I found in Bangkok, Thailand & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These tasted a lot like how the name describes, a salty egg. It had a bit of a fishy taste, especially an after taste, but the chips weren’t as bad as they sound.

Lays grilled prawn & seafood sauce
2 in 1 Grilled Prawn & Seafood Sauce

The 2 in 1 is such a great idea. You essentially get 3 different chips in one bag. You get the grilled prawn flavors, the seafood sauce flavor & the mix of both flavors. I thought the mixing of both flavors would be weird but all 3 flavors are good.

Grilled Prawn: I was surprised that this really tasted more like shrimp and not just seafood like other shrimp flavored chips. I had a hint of a saucey taste like cocktail sauce. I really loved this flavor.

Seafood Sauce: I can’t explain why but I didn’t taste much of the seafood flavor; the chips honestly tasted like a milder version salsa verde to me. It wasn’t spicy but definitely had a bit of a kick to them.

Lays triangle 3D barbecue
Triangle 3D Barbecue

These smelled very good as soon as I opened them; they smelled like chicken barbecued kabobs. Much like the Roasted Chicken Wing Lays, these reminded me of the Chicken Maruchan Ramen. However, the flavor was a bit too light for me. The chip was very powdery but I still think that the chicken and smoky barbecue flavor needed to be stronger. The taste was good but not one of my favorites. I did, however love the triangular puff shape; it added a crispier texture.

Lays Thai mala barbecue
Mala Barbecue

The Mala Barbecue Lays reminded me of pork flavor instant ramen powder with a smoky barbecue hint. I wasn’t particularly impressed but the chips were good. The chips had a bit of a spicy kick but only enough to notice. They hardly left an after taste, so that was a plus.

Lays Ridged Extra barbecue
Ridged Extra Barbecue

I didn’t expect anything special from these since I’ve had different Lays Thai barbecue flavored chips before. I didn’t realize what made these extra barbecue, since they tasted pretty regular barbecue to me. It reminds me of the American BBQ Lays but maybe a softer taste. It hint of spiciness, a bit tangy (sour/sweet) and salty.

Lays Thei mieng kam krob ros
Mieng Kam Krob Ros (Miang Kham)

I was surprised by how tasty these lays were since I wasn’t entirely sure what flavor it was. From looking at the picture on the bag, I knew Miang Kham was some kind of Thai dish, but I had to look it up to know exactly what it was.

The chips had a strong lime-citrusy taste, with hints of herbs, chili, shrimp/fishiness and nutty flavors. It tasted like a refreshing green salsa to me.


Lays rasa rumput seaweed
Rasa Rumput (Nori Seaweed)

I was very impressed by how much these tasted like nori seaweed. I also found them to be quite delicious. If you’ve ever tried the dried seaweed sheets used in sushi, kimbap and onigiri, then you know exactly how these taste like. For those who don’t know, they had a mild salty fishy and earthy taste with a hint of something leafy like collard greens or kale.

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