Review: Noel Super 2, A Puerto Rican Classic Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies!

Review: Noel Super 2, A Puerto Rican Classic Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies!

There are certain products I don’t review because they’re something regular in my house, like these Noel Super 2 Vanilla Cream Sandwich Cookies.

Noel Super 2 cookies

I grew up with these cookies in Puerto Rico and therefore I’ve had them so many times it never occurred to me to do a review on them. Recently my mother bought another pack and I decided I added more reviews of the Puerto Rican products my family and I use.

The company brand Noel is under the company Galletas de Grupo Nutresa. Specifically the cookie name Super 2 is an international Noel brand and it’s not one of their regular brands sold world wide.

Interesting Fact

Do you know why they’re called Super 2? Try to guess!

These cookies are called Super 2 because it brings 2 cookies in every packet. They have another brand called Super 4 which bring 4 in each packet.


I’m not sure how much these Noel Super 2 cookies cost as I wasn’t the one who purchased them but the average price for a pack of 24 seems to be $7USD – $17USD. I can’t imagine my mom pay anything over $6 for these to be honest, so if you find a Spanish or Latino shop near you, that’s the cheapest place you’ll probably find these.


As soon as my mother remembers where she found these, I will update the location. However, with a quick google search [LINK], you can find a few sellers online.

noel super 2 packet
noel super 2 vanilla cookies
noel super 2 sandwich cookies

The taste is similar to any other vanilla cream sandwich cookie. I would say the cookie alone has a buttery vanilla flavor; it’s softer than other sandwich cookies I’ve had before. The cream in the middle tastes like mildly sweet frosting; it’s smooth and thick.

noel super 2 ingredients

As you can see in the ingredients list, this is a pretty basic vanilla cream sandwich cookie.

Would I buy these again? My answer is a bit biased.

I personally wouldn’t buy these just because I’ve had them too much growing up. Also my mom buys them so whenever I see them in the house, I simply snatch a few packets for me. If you’re feeling adventurous, trying them once wouldn’t be a loss.

Noel Super 2
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Appearance


  • QUALITY: How well I thought the product was made
  • TASTE: How enjoyable I thought the taste was
  • APPEARANCE: How appealing I thought the product/packaging looked

Have you tried NOEL Super 2 Vanilla Cream Cookies?

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