Have You Tried INCA KOLA: The Golden Kola of Peru!

Have You Tried INCA KOLA: The Golden Kola of Peru!

This isn’t the first time I’ve had INCA KOLA but this is my first review of it!

inca kola peruvian soda

By now I’ve had INCA KOLA at least 7 times. It’s not exactly a soda I drink regularly but once in a while when I see it in a store, I always take a can.


This cost me $1USD.


I bought this at El Rey.

I’ve also found this soda in International groceries and Spanish markets. It really varies store to store. I even found it once at Wal-Mart in the Latino section next to the Jumex and Jarritos.

Something to note the main company CF&B (Continental Food & Beverage) are the bottlers and distributors of the soda exclusively for the Coca Cola Company in the US. You can read more about this and about the origin of INCA KOLA on their website.

inca kola the golden soda

Online I found that on Wikipedia the flavor of the soda is described as a bubble gum or a cream soda flavor.

To me the INCA KOLA tasted like a very mild version of cream soda. There’s a hint of bubble gum when it first hit my tongue but it sizzles away to a very soft cream soda flavor. Honestly I had to let it sit in my mouth for a little to really tell. If you drink the soda quickly, you hardly notice any flavor. The flavor isn’t super sweet either. The after taste is of a light cream soda.

I spoke to a couple Peruvians when I first had the soda and some had told me that the flavor is slightly different from the INCA KOLA sold in Peru. They claimed that the sweetness was different. I never had one made in Peru; maybe whenever I find the time to make a trip to visit, I will.

inca kola nutrition
Nutritional Facts & Ingredients

You can find more information about the nutritional dacts and the ingredients on this smartlabel link!

This soda has 37mg caffeine content.

Did I enjoy the INCA KOLA? Once in a while I do.

To me INCA KOLA doesn’t have anything particularly special or great of a flavor. It’s an interesting taste test, for sure. However, like I said in the beginning, I always find myself buying a can every few years. I don’t know, something about it makes me want to buy another. Maybe it’s the yellow reflective can or the yellow soda.

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