So Happy I Attended the MIYAVI 2021 Tour in Boston!

So Happy I Attended the MIYAVI 2021 Tour in Boston!

Last Updated on 2021/12/02

So there I was looking at the ticketing site, wondering what stop I should go to for the MIYAVI 2021 Tour. (⌒▽⌒)☆ This time I was itching to travel and after talking to a friend who also wanted to see MIYAVI, I bought VIP tickets for Boston.

The original plan was to go to Boston and check out Salem during it’s busiest time of the year! My friend however, could not attend. I ended up giving away my extra VIP ticket to someone at the venue.

MIYAVI 2021 tour paradise rock club
Tour Info

Tour: MIYAVI Imaginary 2021 Tour

Dates: September 30 – October 31


The chosen venue for the Boston stop was Paradise Rock Club.

ADR: 967 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215 [Gmaps]

Concert Date: October 28, 2021

Venue Concert Time: 8PM EDT

Ticket Price

I had to. The VIP tickets were only $75USD plus fees & taxes! The ticket included:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Photo
  • Exclusive Merch
  • The concert with early entry.
MIYAVI 2021 tour Boston Perfect Storm
MIYAVI & Gaby Borromeo singing Perfect Storm – Boston Concert 2021
Meet & Greet + Photo

The meet & greet was very short. I walked up for my photo, he fist bumped me. He said, “Hi, Thank You for Coming”. And I said, “It’s so great to meet you” because my mind went blank (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) I was not prepared. It was my first concert since 2019.

They actually took 2 photos even though they said they would only take 1. I was very happy. Check it out on my IG!


Exclusive Merch

So I was expecting the merch to be something more than what we got, like a bracelet or a beanie, or a wrist/sweat band, guitar pick.


What we got were Miyavi facial masks which were great. It has Miyavi’s silhouette on them. The masks were very comfortable and while at first I didn’t want a facial mask, I actually ended up using it for the rest of my trip.

Early Entry

It was definitely worth it. I had front row center stage, along with my new concert friends. I expected to be let in maybe 30 mins or 40 mins before. Basic rule for concert going is empty the bowels before the concert and don’t move from your spot.

We were let in 15 mins before so there wasn’t much time to use the bathroom.


What really makes concerts so great are the people you meet along the way.

I met some awesome people while waiting in line. We talked about Kpop, traveling abroad, Miyavi, our outfits and what we were all doing in Boston. Some of us, like me, were from different states while the others lived in Boston. Sometimes all it takes is 2 people having a conversation and others jumping in. That’s how it started and it made the 2 1/2 hours go by faster. By the time doors opened for early entry, 2 people became 7.

Inside, we were all lined up against the front railing. We managed to have a few more conversations about other interests like Anime and Marvel. At the end of the concert, the crowd dispersed very quickly and unfortnately I only managed to get 1 of the girls SNS. Hopefully, I will run into some of the other girls I met at other concerts or in Boston when I return.

It’s not the first time I’ve ran into people at different concerts. That’s how a met so many Kpop fans! Without any planning or communication, you find familiar faces. Gotta love being multifandom!

MIYAVI 2021 tour stage
The Concert

Amazing! Ok, I always feel that way about all concerts I go to but I do mean it.

This was the first time I saw Miyavi live. Unfortunately back in 2018, I missed him in Chicago after missing the bus and of course once doors close, you can’t get into the venue. I was so sad. 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。 But here I was after an exhausting trip to Boston, front row, with Miyavi less than a meter from me.

He was such an entertainer for sure! He was so open to recording and photo taking while he was on stage. He would do the most photo epic poses (of which some of the best I missed). Still, I got some amazing shots though!

MIYAVI 2021 tour singing
Miyavi laughing Boston

He had several pauses between songs to talk about the importance of music, helping others and the work he’s been doing. He talked about how he really missed the tours and how things may be tough, music is something that brings hope and people together. He believes music is an amazing way to communicate and connect with people even if they’re from different backgrounds. ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

He mentioned his work as a UNHCR Global Ambassador and his part with the new League of Legends soundtrack ARCANE. He also mentioned his new projects on Amazon Prime and his 2 new appearance in Netflix films: Kate and Bright: Samurai Soul. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Somethings to check out. It’s clear he’s been incredibly busy even during the pandemic.

MIYAVI 2021 tour Gaby and Dolly

Along with him came along Gaby Borromeo & Dolly Ave as his back up singers. Gaby joined MIYAVI center stage to sing Perfect Storm together. You can find out more about them through their SNS.

Can’t forget the setlist from

  1. Holy Nights
  2. Need for Speed
  3. So On It
  4. In Crowd
  5. Bumps in the Night
  6. TOKIO (Kenji Sawada cover)
  7. Perfect Storm
  8. Tears on Fire
  9. Other Side
  10. Under the Same Sky(slow version)
  11. Imaginary
  1. New Gravity
  2. Warrior
  3. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
  4. Fire Bird
  5. Raise Me Up
  6. No Sleep Till Tokyo
  7. DAY 1
  8. Dance With Me
  9. Over the Rainbow (Judy Garland cover) (instrumental version)
  10. The Others
MIYAVI What's My Name
MIYAVI 2021 tour
Overall Experience

I had an amazing time and it went by way too fast. I didn’t even realize we went through so many songs.

My top favorite songs to hear live were Need For Speed, New Gravity, Tears on Fire, No Sleep Till Tokyo, The Others, What’s My Name and Bumps in The Night. °˖✧ ٩(^ε^٩) I loved that the venue was small; it made the experience more intimate and with being front row, it really felt like the concert was just for me and my new friends whom I shared the magical night with.

I am definitely looking forward to attend more concerts so Stay Tuned! (/^ – *)/

MIYAVI 2021 Tour in Boston Concert
  • Price
  • Location
  • Entertainment
  • Concert Ambience


  • PRICE: How suitable I thought the price was
  • LOCATION: How safe, clean, accessible and convenient the venue location
  • ENTERTAINMENT:  How engaging, fun and how much of a variety there was
  • CONCERT AMBIENCE: Whether it was crowded, guests were polite, fun and welcoming

Have you go to the MIYAVI 2021 tour?

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