A Classic: The Original Kola Champagne India from Puerto Rico!

A Classic: The Original Kola Champagne India from Puerto Rico!

It’s been too long since I last had the Original Kola Champagne India. And yes, I’m a little biased but it is the best champagne flavored soda!

kola champagne india puerto rico

I’m not sure from where the can was bought or how much it cost since it was given to me as a surprise but I can assume you can find it in any Puerto Rican predominant Latino store for under $2USD. I personally haven’t been able to find this Kola Champagne India brand in store near me.

You can definitely do a quick google search and find it online for sale!

Check the main company, cervecerapr, for more information!


Describing the flavor is a bit hard. To me and anybody who’s had champagne flavored soda, we’d probably describe it as champagne flavored even though it doesn’t really taste like champagne. It’s all artificial flavoring! I guess, in a way, it tastes like melted candy. The best way I can describe it is caramelized sugar; this is the kind you mix sugar and water, and cook it until it’s brown.

kola champagne india puerto rico ingredients
Nutritional Facts

This soda has a bit higher calories and sugar content compared to other soda.


You can see from the ingredients listed, there aren’t many significant parts of the soda other than the artificial flavor that gives it the unique taste.

There are absolutely no health benefits from what I can tell so I’d probably wouldn’t drink these regularly. Still, something to enjoy!

Did I enjoy this? Yes.

Like I said, the Kola Champagne India is a classic Puerto Rican soda! Naturally it jump starts the nostalgia so I’m slightly biased. I think it’s still worth a try if you’ve never had it before. You might just love it too.

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