Review: I Try the New Banana Caramel Kit Kat Limited Edition!

Review: I Try the New Banana Caramel Kit Kat Limited Edition!

banana caramel kit kat

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to buy these Banana Caramel Kit Kat because I already tried the Tokyo Banana Kit Kat.

How different can it be?

I still bought it; I didn’t want to miss out!


I found it at Hello Tokyo.

ADR: 9038 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714 [Gmaps]

I’m not sure where else these are available. You can definitely find them online.


This cost me $6.99USD plus taxes. The bag brings 12 snack sized Kit Kats.

banana caramel kit kat mini
banana caramel kit kat bar

After having the Tokyo Banana Kit Kat I was curious how different these Banana Caramel Kit Kat would taste like.

Initially the taste of banana is pretty overpowering. I noticed the caramel towards the end; it’s hard to notice because it blends so well with the taste of chocolate. The caramel flavor is very mild and hard to notice but it’s there. I actually enjoyed this Kit Kat more than the Tokyo Banana one.

banana caramel kit kat nutrition
Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

You can find ingredients and nutritional facts on the images!


  • Wheat
  • Milk
  • Soy

You can find more information about the products available by Nestle Japan on their website!

Would I buy this again? Maybe.

I’m not a huge fan of banana even though this Banana Caramel Kit Kat was actually really good. I still don’t see myself eating it often. I do recommend buying it at least once to try it; it’s a limited edition flavor so satisfy your curiosity.

My Rating of Banana Caramel Kit Kat
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Appearance


  • PRICE: A little more expensive than I’m used to buying it (usually $6USD).
  • TASTE: I wish the caramel flavor was stronger.

Have you tried the Banana Caramel Kit Kat?

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