5 Ruffles Chips Flavors I’ve Tried!

5 Ruffles Chips Flavors I’ve Tried!

After 2 years of taking note of all the Lays chips flavors I’ve tried, I decided to start a list of Ruffles chips flavors I’ve tried as well.

Unfortunately, Ruffles isn’t as popular abroad and they (owned by PepsiCo through Frito-Lay) hasn’t released any fun and unusual flavors.

However, this past year I’ve managed to try a few of their “new” but fairly common American flavors.

Content: Ruffles Chips Flavors
ruffles spicy cheddar jack
Ruffles Spicy Cheddar Jack

These chips are exactly what I expected.

They tasted like a spicy bold block of cheese. The chips were slightly thicker so munching them was satisfying.

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Ruffles Smokehouse Barbecue

There’s really nothing particularly special about the chips themselves but the flavor was actually really good.

If you’ve ever had the Lays barbecue chips, they taste similar to that but better.

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ruffles lime and jalapeno chips
Ruffles Lime & Jalapeno

These chips were great! I enjoyed them with some guacamole. These taste like salty lime with a spicy kick. Although the flavor itself isn’t impressive, the chips are enjoyable.

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ruffles flamin hot bbq
Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ

There was nothing surprising about these Ruffles to me. It’s exactly what I expected: it’s a simple spicy barbecue flavor.

Don’t get me wrong! I thought these were very tasty and I actually like them.

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Ruffles Honey Mustard Double Crunch
Ruffles Honey Mustard

At first, I didn’t think I would like these Ruffles Honey Mustard Double Crunch.

The mustard flavor was stronger than the honey. I actually really enjoyed the chips! I had them as a side with some chicken strips. I really loved the double crunch.

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How many Ruffles chips flavors have you tried?

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