Review: Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows!

Review: Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows!

Last Updated on 2022/03/09

lucky charms just magical marshmallows

It’s been a few years since I first heard about the Lucky Charms just magical marshmallows but I couldn’t find them near me until recently.

Maybe they were sold in limited supply under a different name; I’m just glad to finally get my hands on a pack and these come with a new unicorn shaped marshmallow.

The bags come with different enlarge marshmallow images. It was hard to choose but my 2 most favorite Lucky Charms marshmallows as a kid were the horseshoe and the rainbow. In the end, I picked the rainbow.

lucky charms just magical marshmallows

About Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms is a breakfast cereal by General Mills.

The Lucky Charms website doesn’t say much about the history of the cereal. It simply retells the story of Lucky the Leprechaun, their cereal mascot. However on the General Mills website it states that Lucky Charms debuted in 1964. The cereal was developed by John Holahan who used Cheerios and chopped up Circus Peanuts candy as a prototype.

In 1967, the oats received sugar coating for the first time. And in 1975, Lucky the Leprechaun was almost replaced with Waldo the Wizard.

Learn more on the General Mills website!


There’s not much that I can say about the taste; by now many of you have probably had the Lucky Charms cereal before. The marshmallows taste like mild sugar, like powdered sugar.

The one thing I’ve never liked about the Lucky Charms marshmallows was the texture. Even as a child I could never enjoy the cereal because I found the feeling of chewing through the foam-like texture of the marshmallows very jarring.

These taste exactly like the marshmallows in the cereal.


I got these at Woodman’s Market.

Find a Woodman’s Market near you: Store Locator


This cost me $3.99USD.

Prices may vary per purchase location and/or change without notice.

Nutrition Facts

4 servings per container | Serving Size: 3 3/4 Cup (30g) | Calories: 120 | Total Fat: 0g (2%) | Saturated Fat: 0g (0%) | Trans Fat: 0g | Cholesterol: 0mg (0%) | Sodium: 5mg (0%) | Total Carbohydrate: 29g (10%) | Dietary Fiber: 0g (0%) | Total Sugars: 23g | Includes Added Sugars: 23g (45%) | Protein: <1g | Vit. D: (0%) | Calcium: (0%) | Iron: (0%) | Potassium: (0%)


Sugar, Corn Starch, Corn Syrup, Dextrose, Gelatin, Red 40, Yellow 5, & 6, Blue 1, Artificial Flavor.

Contains Bioengineered Food Ingredients.

Would I buy Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows again?

Answer: No.

Worth Trying?: No.

I’m happy I have a pack of these because I like the Lucky Charms marshmallows but I think one pack will last me for a long time. Maybe I’ll add them to some cake or hot chocolate but I don’t eat marshmallows that often anyway so I don’t see myself wanting to buy more of these any time soon.

If you really want to try the Lucky Charms marshmallows, you can always buy the cereal instead of a bag full of marshmallows.

Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Appearance


PRICE: How suitable I thought the price was
QUALITY: How well I thought the product was made
TASTE: How enjoyable I thought the taste was
APPEARANCE: How appealing I thought the product/packaging looked

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