Review: Once Upon A Farm Berry Berry Organic Dairy Free Smoothie!

Review: Once Upon A Farm Berry Berry Organic Dairy Free Smoothie!

I made a quick stop at Target yesterday and found this Once Upon A Farm Berry Berry dairy free smoothie.

The price initially made me walk away but before heading for the check out lane, I decided to try some of the flavors after all.

About Once Upon A Farm

Want to learn more about Once Upon A Farm and what they have to offer? Check out their story on their website!

You can learn about:

  • Their co-founders
  • Their product standards
  • Their process
  • Their mission statement
  • Their Save The Children efforts
  • And many of their achievements and awards

Product Details

Bountiful berries packed in a pouch with pumpkin seed protein and fat from coconut milk for a dairy-free smoothie so delicious you’ll wonder why you ever owned a blender. Designed for toddlers, but suitable for ages 12+ months. Proud recipient of The Clean Label Project verification and Purity Award Certification, making us best-in-class in the category.

A refrigerated nutrition-packed smoothie for busy on-the-go kids!
Full of yummy fat and 3 grams of protein from pint-sized pumpkin seeds, plus 3 grams of fiber to satisfy any adventure.
Berry Berry Dairy-Free Smoothie is a subtly sweet and satisfying snack with no added sugar‡, no preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Cold-pressed to lock in nutrients and flavors that kids love.
Delicious, homemade taste without the prep and clean-up.
Proud recipient of The Clean Label Project verification and Purity Award Certification, making us best-in-class in the category.
Always organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.
Refrigerated and ready to enjoy.

~Once Upon A Farm website.


I was impressed by how much I enjoyed drinking this smoothie!

I usually buy different kinds of snack pouches for on-the-go eating: applesauce, pudding, yogurt, etc. Usually those don’t cost as much as this. I settled that if this tasted anything like the ones I buy, perhaps this is quite worth it.

The taste was great; it wasn’t too sweet nor too bland nor too sour. The main flavors I could taste were the strawberries, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and sweet potato. Finally! A smoothie ans/or puree that didn’t strictly taste like applesauce or citrus. It tasted like a mixed berry smoothie but with other things added to it for thickness.

This left me feeling satisfied. The smoothie smooth but slightly grainy. I thought it had a good balance between too much liquid and being too thick.


I bought this at Target.

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This cost me $2.49USD.

Contents: NET WT 4oz (113g).

Prices may vary per purchase location and/or change without notice.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Pouch (113g) | Calories: 100 | Total Fat: 4g (10%) | Saturated Fat: 1g (10%) | Trans Fat: 0g | Cholesterol: 0mg (0%) | Sodium: 0mg (0%) | Total Carbohydrate: 15g (10%) | Fiber: 3g (21%) | Total Sugars: 10g | Includes Added Sugars: 0g (0%) | Protein: 3g | Vit. D: 0mcg (0%) | Calcium: 16mg (2%) | Iron: 1mg (15%) | Potassium: 187mg (6%) | Vit. C: 12mcg (80%) | Vit. K: 5mcg (15%) | Vit. B6: 0.1mg (20%) | Biotin: 1mg (15%) | Magnesium: 50mg (60%) | Zinc: 1mg (35%)


Apple*, Strawberry*, Purified Water, Blueberry*, Pumpkin Seed*, Date*, Coconut Milk* (Purified Water, Coconut*), Sweet Potato*, Lemon Juice*


Allergens: Once Upon A Farm’s statement below:

This blend contains: Coconut. Some of our products contain coconut (coconut is actually a fruit but the FDA treats it as a tree nut as some people may have sensitivities or allergies) so please read the ingredient statement carefully if you have any allergy concerns. The facility we use processes tree nuts, egg, dairy, and soy. Care is taken to thoroughly clean all equipment in between each product to prevent the carryover of ingredients.

Once Upon A Farm website.

Check if this product is KOSHER certified.

Would I buy Once Upon A Farm Berry Berry Smoothie again?

Answer: Yes.

Worth Trying?: More than once.

This was exceptional. It would be great if I could just buy half a gallon instead of the pouches. I’ll probably try the other smoothie flavors and their other products out of pure curiousity.

One thing to note, I didn’t see any recycling symbol on the pouch, so naturally I went to investigate and this is what I found:

Our bowls are curbside recyclable. Unfortunately, our pouch packaging is not curbside recyclable at this time. Product safety and quality is our number one priority and a recyclable or compostable option that holds up to these standards simply does not currently exist. This issue not only faces our company, but many others in our industry. While we have scaled back our full TerraCycle program to spend more time and resources on the pursuit of a curbside recyclable pouch, we still have a partnership with them and can provide envelopes for you to recycle via TerrCycle upon request. Please reach out to to learn more.

~Once Upon A Farm FAQ.

Once A Upon A Farm Berry Berry Smoothie
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Taste
  • Appearance


PRICE: How suitable I thought the price was
QUALITY: How well I thought the product was made
TASTE: How enjoyable I thought the taste was
APPEARANCE: How appealing I thought the product/packaging looked

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